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Shini, Shini. So nice, I have to say it twice.

I just want to say one thing about Shini, because Jen has already said it best, and I totally agree with everything she said. ('expect the unexpected'). My one thing is this: when I met Shini for the first time, only last February, at London Fashion Week, I didn't know about Park and Cube. So it's not like I was sucking up to her because she's famous. I just really related to her. We just started shooting each other and talked as if we were picking up a conversation from a past life.

She's studying graphic design, for starts, and that's my background. She's only 22, and I'm 86 (my hands give me away). She's an old soul, and I'm very immature, so somehow, I sense in her a kindred spirit. Or maybe everyone feels that way about her. So far, that seems to be the case. She's so sweet, kind, generous, and wise. And calm. She has this calm still centre to her. In that sense, we are not remotely alike. But I have my moments, like when I'm swimming or alone - or taking pictures - when I feel that sense of oneness with it all. Which Shini seems to radiate, most of the time.

Sweatshirt : Uniqlo Menswear. Cowl: Gmarket. Bracelet: COS. Bag: DIY. Flamingos: priceless.


UnoCosa said...

i always loved your writing - so real ... and what you wrote about your feeling when met shini for the first time is something i can really relate to ...

wonderful photos, xx

Adorngirl said...

I am not surprised so much love is being shown to this blog, it is so inspiring.

Sorry, sometimes I don't understand American humour, you couldn't possibly be 86? and if you're not joking you need to give me the elixer you're taking, because you sure don't look it.

the style crusader said...

hah. jill if only you were 86 - that would be AMAZING! every news channel would be banging on your door trying to get in for a documentary on how an 86 year old woman could have such perfect skin and such an unnatural amount of energy. you really do... i imagine this sort of crazy ball of fire of that is just bouncing around inside of you. leaving you totally disheveled and unsure which way to look - because there is always so much going on around you and so much to take in. (20 sources of sound? how about 20,000 sources to shoot... where do you begin? - it is always one of my favourite things when you go prancing off after someone in a sort of half run half dance move towards them... it's so funny).

anyway. i agree. shini is a star for all the reasons you mentioned. and you, are definitely not 86, but don't worry - your secret is still safe with me.

Love Food said...

I just discovered her blog recently and it's fantastic.
Love that first picture!

Lydia xxx


daisychain said...

I love how you always have a story to accompany the fabulous photos x

ediot said...

gotta say i LOVE your streetstyle- im in the making of a collage-where im including two of your photos- and linking to you- hope you like it.
xx ediot

jill said...

Oh, ediot, thank you, I'd be honoured! As long as people credit & link me, it's such a compliment, you know? I'll come visit you in a day or two, take your time ; )

daisychain, sweet friend: thank you. I hope you're well. Same goes for you, will get in touch very son. And Lydia, thank you!! Will check yours out tomorrow, too (I've got a busy to do list tomorrow!)

Jen: that's the thing that when I first started going out with Mr. Dot, he'd call me Evil Tinkerbell: that flitting about thing. I'm not even aware of it, I always just htought it was normal.

And to the lovely Adorn Girl: it always cracks me up, that the British say we Americans have no sense of irony, and yet, when we try to be ironic.. we can't win ; )

Una Cosa: thank you. I love your blog, so this is a real honour. We've got to figure out a way to do a 'guest blog swap!'

Matthew Spade said...

i wish wish wish COS would open up, up here. theres a womens concession opening in manchester selfridges but not mens. gutted. i need a personal shopper in london