birthday girl

I've only known Toni for a short time, yet I feel we've been friends all our life. So much so that when she moved from London to Brussels recently, I was actually gutted. I misunderstood and - the weekend we were @ the Hay Festival - her boyfriend had offered his ticket to the Summertime Ball, which could have been the last time I saw her.

Until next time she's back in London, that is. Hopefully soon.

Anyway, today is her birthday!! Happy Birthday, Toni! Running out but will post more shots of her when I'm back (and I'll source her clothing). Meanwhile, please go wish her a happy birthday: The Fashion Cloud. Which is ironic, as she is soooo sunny.


The Fashion Cloud said...

Ohh Jill , I am so touched thank you ever so much for this lovely lovely post!!! and for the bday wishes :)

I will come back to London to see you, and have many more long random conversations with you, always the best!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Happiest Birthday to lovely Miss Fashion Cloud! wishing you all the best on your new life in Brussels!

Alma said...

Happy B-day to her!!

Rosalind said...

I love her red hair - very exuberant. Oh & that coat is gorgeous, very classic.. i'm intrigued to know what's in her shopping bags. Haha.
Happy birthday to her!

I love those pics of yours from grad fashion week, the cloud inspired ones are so ethereal.

Oh & did you get my email about the competition I was suggesting to you?


Anonymous said...

Aww this is such a sweet post Jill, lovely seeing you today!


Susan said...

happy bday to her!

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

i love the classic, laid-back outfit, she looks lovely! toni's hair is so lovely, too.

it was lovely to see you and everyone else today, thank-you for being so kind to me. i can't wait to see the photos!

i literally got to college as soon as the exhibition opened, i just managed to finish of my work, hehe.

love, jazzabelle. xxx

Anonymous said...

I love the red hair and stone-colored trench coat against the black background... and the black Top Shop Make Up bag... the perfect shot of a glowing girl. Happy Birthday, fellow Gemini!


Nikita said...

Nice outfit and love the hair.

xx. http://livingafashionablelife.blogspot.com

Chloe said...

Toni looks gorgeous and stylish! I'd be jealous if it wasn't her birthday. ;)

xx Chloe

ree said...

What a gorgeous post. I love fashion cloud's site too.


Leia's Delights said...

Happy birthday to this gorgeous girl!

Melissa said...

love it! beautiful hair!

Ana Frost said...

So fresh style! ¡Feliz CumpleaƱos! to her (Happy birthday! Congratulations also for her style so free :)