oh so prada

Hello world!

What a lovely day it looks to be outside my window! Soon as I post this I'm walking to Hyde Park to meet my friend Hedvig. It might seem strange to post such wintry clothes when I'm in such a summer head (as those of you north of the equator are, no doubt, as well) but I'm really in the mood right now for that Dior 'New Look' silhouette, which Prada has done so beautifully this spring. In fact I could swear I've shot windows of their dresses but can't find the shots. You know the ones I mean: there are also some great high street versions.

In fact, I've got an old skirt from Zara, which I'll start wearing again: blue/green print, mostly white background, small waist, wide skirt. Somehow I can JUST get away with it. I wore it in Rome in 100 degree heat and felt oh so Dolce Vita (while around me, the Italians were just dressed normally).

But I've also got two perfect dresses from H&M that seemed a good idea at the time - tiny spaghetti straps, practically strapless, small waist, wide skirts - and I look ridiculous in them. I'm like a giant marshmallow, with spindley table legs sticking out. They are wrong wrong wrong for my shape. Anyone want them? Seriously: they're just taking up space. One is lemon yellow, the other brown with light blue polka dots.

These are from the recent Earl's Court Gala Show at Graduate Fashion Week. Big shout out to Adorngirl: thank you for sourcing, the designer is ALEX NEWTON of Northampton.

Speaking of gratitude, thank you so much for taking the time to find me the links! (see sidebar: indecision). It's so interesting for me to see which are your favourites and since I know some of you, or virtually, it's great to see your choices. I've got til the 31st, but it can't hurt to enter. We can't win if we don't play, right?

So. Where do you stand on this silhouette?


Adorngirl said...

these looks are beautiful if you go to catwalking.com, the photographer has a picture of every single outfit from the graduate show, click on to gradutes-Northampton, and click through some names then you'll know you definitely have the right one. x

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

feel free to send the dresses my way, hehe! ;) i bet you look wonderful in them, but i totally understand what you mean about spindley legs. mine are just too long and skinny, they make me look permanantly awkward.

these skirts are just beautiful, i adore the shape. i love the layers and ruffles, especially in the last picture. the colours are beautiful.

have a wonderful time in hyde park! xxx

Style At Every Age said...

What gorgeous clothes in those pictures. I think you have to be stick thin to wear skirts like that! Lovely to look at on others though, I appreciate all clothes even if I couldn't wear them.

Heather said...

I LOVE this silhouette on myself!Feel free to send them my way;) But I don't think you have to be a stick to pull it off, I'm thin(in my opinion)...but not like a stick..I'm very much so an hourglass,with thick legs.Maybe the legs are the key...
anywho,these shots are some of my favorite that you've posted of this event!

Linnie Binnie said...

feel free to send that yellow one to washington dc :) this is my favorite post from you regarding student fashion show. the colors are amazing!


Carrott said...

I love the first outfit; that's what I usually wear in winter, all black and something with color (a skirt, trousers, a bag, a scarf). Right now i'm trying to add more colors and It's working! xx

Style Slicker said...

Very Prada indeed.

Anonymous said...

I love this silhouette! It's billowy and fun but also tres chic. So cool to see the black crinoline underneath, and the black stockings and shoes. Alice in Wonderland! She actually looks like she ate the piece of cake that made her grow very, very tall.

Hannah Jones Chan said...

Wow...this designers clothing is fabulous! I love the way they have chosen their colours and textures and turned them into something so great but that also looks wearable. x

Love Food said...

The silhouette is amazing, very 1950s. Love that skirt too.

Lydia xxx


jill said...

Hilarious! I really should photograph them & post it and do them as a give away. I really can't wear them. The funny thing is I had this image of what I looked like and there was one day I was walking into town (i.e. West End) with Mr. Dot - the ONE time I wore the polka dot one - and I felt invisible. I asked him - and I never do this - 'Do I look really bad in this dress?' and he said yes, but he didn't want to hurt my feelings. I didn't understand why - he normally says if he thinks I look good or bad in something, he's really good like that - not that I normally ask. But this time, he didn't say anything. When I asked why he said 'Because you look REALLY bad.'

I looked in a shop window reflection and he was right: I just looked all wrong.

Hedda (EllaPhante) you've got the answer why: that shape is perfect for an hour glass figure. Because my area to gain weight is my waist - not hips or thighs - this is basically hiding my thin areas and focusing on my waist. And then my legs look too thin by comparison. What you're describing of your shape - including 'thick' legs - is ideal for that shape.

But I still love the IDEA of that dress. And I love the use of colour and modern little twists that Alex used in these.

Anonymous, whoever you are, I love the way you write. That's so charming. Tres chic! ; )