Apologies for no post til now, Cupcakes. I've been stuck inside, mostly in bed, with a killer migraine, a result of heat (we've moaned about the weather long enough, and got our summer crammed with a vengeance into a few days). The problem is, I was out all day, didn't swim, got a bit of dehydration altho I really did drink a lot of water, plus hay fever, sinuses, and then, as a final straw, when we came in yesterday having watched England beat Slovenia at Angus's house with Hedvig, I stupidly fed Mr. Dot but not self, was staring at the screen for hours working my way thru photos, and by the time I ate, it was too late: headache city.

Still, I can't complain: I shot this model twice in one day, and I can just imagine how she felt. (This post is a compilation of both Gala shows @ Earl's Court: they did the same 90 minute show TWICE). These models alternated for the collections - the logistics must have been a nightmare - I think a total of six changes. I was exhausted just shooting, and I was standing still.

This look is exactly my Virgo Style. It is part of the collection by Nathalie Tunna from Kingston University, and I love everything she's done, but for some reason today, it feels exactly 'me'.

We Virgos tend towards the dull, the simple, and favour black, navy, beige. Of course I have a whole range of things I like to wear, and I love bright colour, especially in my sandals (see 'my hot pink plastic celebrity sandals'). And I've had my share of 'what was I thinking moments' - it still happens, like last fall when I bought a pair of black sequin leggings @ Zara because they were dirt cheap, without trying them on. They have yet to see the light of day, I tried them on and they itch and they hurt and I look like a hooker in them.

Today my friends, Stephanie (Style Odyssey), and sweet Pret, are having lunch somewhere in Florida, and I wish I was there. I met them in person last February, and they're both amazing women. S mentioned in a comment yesterday about the idea of expanding on our 'style evolution' and it got me thinking - while lying with a wet cloth on my head - about how even my choices as a young girl haven't changed that much.

This look, for example: the fabric, shape of the jacket and skirt (or are they culottes? Even better!), bare legs in summer, black tights in winter, platform sandals.. even tho I've been wearing mostly ballet pumps the past few years, I've owned a pair of sandals just like these in the 80s.

No matter what the trends are at any particular time, I try to find SOMETHING that fits my style. The 80s were pretty challenging, and I basically solved it by getting a bunch of good quality black tee mini dresses, ranging from loose to fitted: I could carry them in a bag and change at work to go clubbing. I left the safety pins and ripped stuff for the hardcore punks and skinheads, and the shoulder pads and bubble skirts for the Sloaneys and Preppies, and somehow made it thru the frumpy nineties and into the noughties by staying true to my quasi-sixties, Audrey Hepburn/gamine style.

My mother's beloved mother wrote in her yearbook, 'To thine own self be true', and my sweet Mom wrote it in mine. I feel it holds true in fashion, as well as, well, life.

Is there anything in your closet that falls into the 'what was I thinking' department? What looks, like Josie's fishnets and lace up boots, seem to evolve with you over time?


Love Food said...

I actually just had a big clear out, and gave a load of stuff to charity. One of the things being a maxi dress, far too big, I bought it from H&M because it was only like £8 but they didn't have my size, so I bought one about 4 sizes too big and thought, oh I'll just wear it with a belt, I took it on holiday with me twice, but never wore it. I looked dreadful in it, the colour (orange/grey/red and green stripe) really didn't suit me, so it's finally gone.
That outfit in those pictures however, is amazing. So jealous that you were right at the end of the catwalk taking pictures, I bet it was such a great experience!

Lydia xxx


jill said...

Thank you, Lydia, it was!

I can just see it: you're in H&M, it's cold, you see this fabulous maxi, it's only 8 quid, you've got these images of white sandy beaches and turquoise water and yourself, wafting along the shore with your hair blowing in the breeze and figure, sod it, even tho it's 4 sizes too big, I'll wear it with a belt. It's so true!

Shame you got rid of it, I'm very curious to see orange/grey/red/green stripes. I'm assuming horizontal? Sounds VERY 'what were you thinking' ; )

At least, to your credit, you gave it away. I stll have those scratchy sequin leggings. I think the tag is still on them. xox

Style Odyssey said...

any "what was i thinking" purchases...oh my, yes. probably most recently during my juicy-couture-loving days (several years ago, not recently), brought on by frequent trips to south florida where velour tracksuits and crystal embellishment on everything was all the rage (and, alas, still is). and now, although i have several items left over from those days (the stuff is great quality), i do wear them on occasion- so long as i don't come across as mutton dressed as frilly lamb!

feel better soon, dot!

btw, -h and i have lunch plans for saturday, not today...so think of us then, too, and we will be missing your delightful presence! xx

styleeast said...

This model has a great look. You must've been in a good spot - these shots are fantastic! Hope the headache has cleared and you're feeling much better. Us Scots don't have much experience with hot, muggy weather, so I can sympathise!

Any what was I thinking outfits?! Oh yes. All through uni I wore cord flares and 70s velour, topped off with a nice anorak. It was "indie chic" at the time, er, honest! x