This is the wildest coincidence: I first met Hayley with her friend Josie and another girl while I was running into the tube for a press event. I didn't give them a card, didn't pose them - just shot them as they were, with a crappy background (unstylish people etc) and ran off. As I left I heard them kind of squeal with girlish glee.

Hayley was the one who tracked me down and we emailed a few times. I never did post the shots, nor send them to her. THEN, this Monday, I passed two stylish girls and as they approached I was about to ask to shoot them and realised: it was Hayley and Josie!

But wait: on WEDNESDAY of this week - two days later - I was hanging out with Natayla on 'our couch' @ Cafe Nero, and we were just walking out when who did I see: the stylish duo once again! I'm saving the best bit of the story, tho, for another post: we don't want too much of a good thing in one day.

Hayley's fab leopard print velour hoodie by 'Juicy', as she called them (Juicy Couture). I was just thinking that very day, that the ubiquitous leopard print seemed to have fallen off Planet Fashion, when some style mag ran a piece about it, Natayla wore a great variation (post to come) and then, lo and behold, Hayley, rocking the look.

I didn't even ask about the rest: isn't it just amazing. Isn't SHE just amazing.

I can't thank you enough for your comments on Jazzy's post last night ('best face forward'). Please read them if you haven't already: I'd love to hear your thoughts. Your support - our collective support of each other - just blows me away. THIS IS SO NOT WHAT I EXPECTED from the 'fashion community.' This is really turning that whole Devil Wears Prada concept on its pretty little head.


TheStreetFashion5xpro said...

Lovely look! Gorgeous post...

Style Slicker said...

Wow her eyes are so sultry!
Love the whole 80s Madonna-isque styling.

Unknown said...

wow....LOVE her outfit... :)))



Anonymous said...

She has a great edgy style. I like the way she's tied her hair with that scarf!


Funke Omisore said...

I really like this look, not everyone pulls off the frayed shorts OR leapord print! great eye.

Arini Desianti Parawi said...

wow!!! stunning leopard blezzer..i wanna steal it..lol

that girl look so GORGEOUS..tks for share

visit my site :

n let's talk 'bout fashion

Style Odyssey said...

she is so cute!! only someone that cute (and young) can pull off the juicy/cut-offs/mixed up prints.

maya g. said...

She is so beautiful!

Adele said...

Fabulous blog you have here!
- Adele

Adorngirl said...

you can always tell when someone has natural style. just shows yuo don't have to dressed up to the nines, to look so cool.

Anonymous said...

how cute love her animal print jacket!

the style crusader said...

jill, this girl looks so incredible. she has the fiercest stare... totally compliments the hoodie. leopard and animal print more generally was brought back in east london in a big way by daniella and i... just wait til you see the photos. i even had on a bit of a tiget costume... it was wild. xx

stoneandcloth said...

very daring. i love her attitude.