faces in a crowd: i'm back in the saddle again

Hello, Cupcakes!

I am posting this from my new Mac laptop. It's just like my old one, only newer, faster, more improved. I don't know about you but I get really sentimental about stuff like this. But I can get this way about all kinds of inanimate objects: back when we lived in NYC, Mr. Dot (my Big) remembered me using the same plastic Evian bottle, with the label removed. He said that's one of the things he loved about me, the way I 'deitified' objects. (That all changed, of course, once we lived together: those same deities somehow magically started disappearing.)

I remember that bottle well: it had such a classic shape (they've since changed it). I wonder what became of it: it's probably buried in a mountain of garbage, poor thing.

It was really strange with the laptops, actually: I ordered my new one before the old one 'died'. But the last few days, the cord was going and going.. it's like It KNEW its soul was about to be transferred. Do you believe in reincarnation? I do. I'm sure our cat is reincarnated from our previous one. And same with this laptop. Welcome to our world, Little Laptop! You're not an iPad, and I'm glad! Big is beautiful.

Anyway, what does this have to do with this post? Absolutely nothing whatsoever. Just some shots of people in the crowd at Graduation Fashion Week last Thursday, for your viewing enjoyment. It was a dark cold rainy day and I noticed people tended to wear quiet shades of grey, or went for bold brights, like red or yellow. Few pastels to be seen.

It might not feel that long to you that I was gone- you probably didn't even notice, but for this blogger, I must say, it's good to be back in the saddle again!


styleeast said...

I'm so pleased you've got a new laptop, there's nothing worse than being laptop-less, as I've recently discovered, especially when you have lots of things you want to blog! I've still got lots saved up from last week but am resisting temptation to post them all at once.

I'm on the train back to London now, so normal business will once again resume! x

Cecylia said...

Cool T shirts!!!

Alma said...

Welcome bacl!:) And enjoy your new laptop. I am the same with my things, my laptop is a fujitsu siemens that it's a gift from my aunt and the moment I saw him I know he's my baby! That's why I bought a sticker for it, trying to bring him to the life that he deserve.:P To have his own personality!

Haha, a lot of nonsense fro me here...:P


The Photodiarist said...

Have a blast with your new laptop.

Unknown said...

oh! being witout laptop is hard...glad you're back :)))


Arini Desianti Parawi said...

luv those all picture^^

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Mr. Dot said...

deitified? What does that mean? If you're going to quote me at least get the spelling correct.

Anonymous said...

Haha I love Mr Dot's comment up there!

There's just a sea of nice haircuts in that picture.


Susan said...

oh, I envy you! I wish I had a MAC... :)
great pics by the way.

Chloe said...

The first and third pictures are my favorite.
xx Chloe