a series of coincidences: the beginning

Josie, left, and Hayley, 14th June. South Kensington, London.

For starts, this doesn't look like the way you'd dress in mid June.

I was walking home midday after seeing friends, and thinking that I hadn't taken one shot all morning. And then I saw these two walking towards me and I realised: it's Josie and Hayley! I'd spotted and dotted them once before, but hadn't posted it. (You might recall Hayley from the Juicy post). Well there's more to the story but it's late, Cupcakes. Pleasant dreams.

See you in the morning, when the coincidences continue.


Adele said...

Those boots!! <3

- Adèle

Anonymous said...

I don't know about their clothes but yeah, I have to agree with boots. But great photos

DeZine said...

ooh, i know...love, love, LOVE the shoes! ;)

Paula said...

These two girls are very original! although I prefer the style of Josie, Hayley is very original and cutting edge commitment. I saw the other post and love her wild jacket! was very funny.
Congratulations for your photos and your blog, everything looks very cool here.
A kiss!

Style Odyssey said...

oooh, can't wait to read more....! xo

Anonymous said...

You have been given an award!!!
Please check out link below-

Rebecca said...

I want Josie's bag!!
They must be boiling....


jill said...

Hey Rebecca, no, that's what I mean about this crazy weather and not knowing how to dress: this was only.. wow, last MONDAY?! I can't believe the temperature has changed that much.

Well they say that's why the Brits talk about the weather so much: it really is actually interesting ; )

Amy, thank you, will check it out. Alili, Stephanie, Mirror, Kimberly & Adele: thanks to you, too! xo