This man was Mr. Dot's choice. He spotted him, but I dotted him.

Hay Literary Festival, Saturday.


Heather said...

This is EXACTLY how I would dress if I were a man.

I love it!

Matthew Spade said...

love his look, i hope i look that good at his age. the jacket and sock combo is very me

Editor said...

Socks + shirt = WIN

the style crusader said...

i like the colour combinations... especially against the green carpet! printed shirts and striped socks look so english and dapper. really great. i love how everyone has a book in these photos! xx

jill said...

oh i knew there was something i forgot to mention in my post! (luckily i have tons more photos for more posts): everyone truly is reading there. it's so cute. they have a bookstore and after each event, you can buy the book and the author will sign it: it's like the backstage at a concert.

thanks mother of style! mat i'd love to see shots of your style. -h, will tell mr. d.

hedda: me too!

adrielleroyale said...

That is too cute! I love it!! :))

Susan said...

wow, really elegant!
love me some good teamwork :))