less talk, more clouds

Not a cloud in the sky this morning, here in London, but more cloud-like images from last week's Gala show @ Graduate Fashion Week. The previous post will explain, I hope. I'm showing details so you, too, can try to figure out how they were constructed. I think they did indeed use the 'shredding' method in places, but combined with other materials (like sequins, on the bottom one).

How was your weekend everyone? Are you back in an office somewhere? Reading this from home? Put the kettle on, have a scroll thru, and a lovely day! xoxo


Tobi said...

Wow I have genuinely been impressed with all the talent that has been displayed during the course of graduate fashion week. This is no exception! Absolutely amazing! The detail proves that this designer has an immense passion for what they are doing, otherwise there is no way they would have taken such an effort to construct such amazingly crafted pieces. Great shots Jill you really captured the detail incredibly well !


Shopgirl said...

Just settling down with a coffee in front of my computer at work, to go through emails from the few days I had off last week but thought I'd have a look at some pretty photos first!! Your photos are always so well done.

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm actually amazed by the creativity behind these designs. The future looks bright for UK fashion!


Cecylia said...

Wow impressive designs!

Alma said...

The last one is lovely!

The Fashion Cloud said...

Jill these are lovely and all of your previous pictures are just stunning too, wish i could have been there with you!!


styleeast said...

Wow, these are all gorgeous, what a lot of talent there is at GFW.

Thank you for your lovely comment on my last post! I'm reading this from my bed in Scotland, cat on knee, cup of tea in hand, recovering from the wedding weekend!

Back to London tomorrow, let's meet up soon x

Unknown said...

Lovely photos!

the nyanzi report said...

This is insane! Bananas.
Thanks to you Jill, we get to see these amazing creations in addition to your wit.

The Photodiarist said...

Lots of clouds here in New York but none when I look at your photos of these wicked designs.

Style Odyssey said...

clouds here in south florida...mixed with sun. and thunder!
i'm such a sucker for unusually crafted design and ethereal concoctions. amazing stuff.

the style crusader said...

oh the last one is my favourite! these are so beautiful and ethereal. can't believe there wasn't a cloud in the sky in your neck of the woods this morning! it's been miserable and dark all day here! lovely shots jill. i really like the closeup! xx

Lotte said...

Hi, Jill!

Just stumbled upon your lovely blog in search of some kickin' street fashion photography and was pleasantly surprised to find these photos of a fellow graduate of mine's stunning work. Thought it would be a good chance to put a name to a dress.

These pieces are by the super talented Amber Hards. Here's her website: http://www.amberhards.co.uk/gallery/index.htm

I think she deserves the attention :)

jill said...

Oh Lotte thank you!!! Will contact her tomorrow. Hope you see this, will also click thru & see if there's a way to thank you personally.

Amber Hards said...

Hi there! I've just seen all these lovely comments about my collection! Thank you all so much!
It's all knitted using lycra and nylon monofilament!
My website is www.amberhards.co.uk and my blog is www.thingsilike-amber.blogspot.com

my email is amber_hards@hotmail.com

get in touch x