star crossed lovers

After seeing Jesus on Wednesday, I stepped out into the light: the brightest, sunniest day. There's a little park across from the stunning Deco building of ASOS HQ ('Greater London House', what a name huh, it really is great), got lunch @ the Pret nearby, and had a picnic surrounded by a sea of stylish ASOS employees. On the stroke of 2:00 they migrated back into the Happy Place, leaving a sea of birds, and this guy. As I had nowhere to rush to, I stayed on, lost in a book.

When I looked up, he was gone, but instead, just a few feet from where he was, this girl had settled down. I didn't see either one's face, and perhaps they're not even single, but it got me thinking about how random life is. I mean, the party where I met Mr. Dot, on a weeknight after work in a Tribeca loft, I almost didn't go that night. I had other plans, with a bunch of French guys, and my friend Claudia, from Berlin: dinner at Indochine. A friend at work told me in the Ladies' Room about a party she didn't want to go to alone - someone else at work had invited her - and asked me to go for moral support. So I'm here, in London, as a result of doing a favour for a girl whose name I don't remember.

Shortly after, in Regent's Park, I ran past these two, on the way to the Ladies Room. And that, my friends, is the end of this story. Everyone lived happily ever after.

Posting this in my sleep (Mr. Dot woke me @ 6:30, I'm also pre-posting for later) and then we're off to the Hay Literary Festival! It's free by the way: you just pay for the events you go to (about £5-£8, some are free): it's not like music festivals which are daunting. Check the schedule here: you can pre book events online. And there's lots of parking. So if you've got a car and are within driving distance of the Welsh border, it's worth popping over: it's positively magic.


Matthew Spade said...

style salker!

Adorngirl said...

isn't that always how it is. Since I saw that film sliding doors,I have always wondered about what if, but I do believe that our mistakes, tend to lead us to he right path.

Don't they always say if you want God to laugh, tell him your plan.

Pearl Westwood said...

What a lovely garden! I always loved stories that eneded happily ever after xx
P.S Frock Me giveaway on my blog!

Style Odyssey said...

lovely images, people lounging in the park...

so true, what you say about the randomness of life; it's fate, i suppose. i only met mr. odyssey because my best friend and her friend went cruising the mall (what one did back in the day, as teens) and met "these two guys"- one was mr odyssey; of course he and i eventually met, and here we are today...20-something years later.

Susan said...

oh, English parks... and what a beautiful sunny day you had! :)

jemina said...

Wow, love how you met your Mr, I believe that there's nothing random though. Love the 'sunny' pictures too, xoxo

jill said...

Mat: it's true! ; ) The third shot I literally aimed and shot while running to the ladies' room with Jeannine, who I'd just met (see the post on rainbows).

Adorngirl: that's so wild you said that about Sliding Doors (which I love for that very reason) and that saying - I say it all the time! I can't believe you know it.

Pearl: will check thanks!

Stephanie: I'd love to hear more of the story. Is your best friend then still a friend? Isn't it amazing.

Susan: it's good to hear from you. I've been wondering how you were doing.

Jemina: Totally agree. I sometimes think, the way things turn out in life, even if you planned & planned you couldn't account for the magic way things just happen.

Thank you! xox