Yesterday was the most glorious day and I was meeting my friend and yoga teacher, Arup, for sushi, except we were meeting @ 2;45 and Kulukulu Sushi closed @ 2;45, so we went to the fabulous Casa Brindisi instead. As we said goodbye, I happened to walk him to his bicycle (he cycles about 150 miles a week!) and saw Joyce dashing thru the crowd in the brilliant sunlight, like a colt.

I'm so glad she got in touch because I really want to shoot her again: the light was just terrible (i.e. too bright) and I can't really show you the detail of her amazing suede boot like sandals (I'll source this, I promise). Turns out - of course - she's a model and was on her way to a casting, so it was a very quick shoot, click click click. Despite shooting her practically in silhouette, every shot I took was a different, excellent pose. I want to do another post sometime with the other shots: she's really good.

Didn't have a card on me, neither of us had pens, so she had to just remember the name, but she found me. And oh! Guess what: she's from NY, too. I didn't even register her accent wasn't British.

I am LOVING your comments about Jesus, btw. To answer your questions, Maya and Rebecca, it's funny actually because I assumed Mr. Dot doesn't read my posts (apart to comment when my shots are 'blurry') and I know for sure he never listens to a word I say (it's been scientifically proven: men don't hear women, it seems: the higher pitched the voice, the less they register. And more 'girly' women have higher voices, which is, coincidentally, the type men prefer to sleep with. So you basically have a scenario where men are sleeping with, living with, and, eventually, marrying women without ever hearing a single word they say. Which explains a lot).

But I digress... last night I was flitting around, doing something in another room, when I heard Mr. D, (or Dude, as I'm now calling him) call out: 'I don't like this'. 'Like what?' 'Be still my heart'. Concerned? Hard to say.

Any exciting plans for the weekend? We're going to the Hay Literary Festival but I've just heard about this ASOS/95.8Capital Summertime Ball @ Wembley which I'd love to go to, on the way back. Can't be everywhere at once. Only virtually ; )


Nicola said...

Seriously can't get over her legs...please, please ask on my behalf what on earth is the secret behind them...I'm being deadly serious, I NEED a pair like that for SS10! Best statement piece ever, with those suede boots a close second...

Nicola said...

ah, "yoga teacher"...getting my butt off this chair and doing my youtube power half hour right.this.second.

jill said...

No sorry to confuse you: my yoga teacher is a) a man and b) short of stature. Was actually going to include a shot of him in the post!

I don't know what Joyce does, frankly. She does look really fit - as in athletically fit. Genetics play a huge role - I've met Elle McPherson (sp?) a few times and even sitting down, the distance from hip to knee is so long she can't fit in rows of seats - it's ridiculous. And of course when people are that tall, they have to eat a lot just to stay fueled and alive. She was moving very fast when I saw her - going to the casting by foot. Being physically active plays a huge difference. I eat like a pig. If I ever, say, break my leg, I'd probably blow up like a balloon.

But I do feel in general yoga is brilliant in every way. And swimming!!

Tobi said...

You captured Joyce's beauty so effortlessly, she has great face symmetry !

Anonymous said...

nice skin, i heart your blog

maybe we can follow each other ;)

Emily said...

Oh my God! Look at her legs! She is just gorgeous and the pictures are fab. Her look is very special and her smile is priceless. x LondonZest

Style Odyssey said...

joyce is a stunner!! the boots...i've seen them online...are they chloe??
mr. dot and his "i don't like this" comment about the jesus post...lol! ;)
mr. odyssey rarely reads my posts (he sticks to the art blog).

FashionJazz said...

Shes gorgeous!! Hope you have a lovely wknd xxx

Anonymous said...

wowiee! amazing tight body! i am such a couch potato sadly now! have to get back in the dance studio, hehe!

Love Food said...

She's stunning. And those sandal/boots are great. I'll look forward to seeing more shots of her in the future if you meet up again.
And your yoga instructor cycles 150miles a week?WOW, I'm very impressed.

Lydia xxx

WeShop said...

Hi from Glasgow!

Found you through Not Just Medical (hope S is having a fab time in Greece).

The girl in this post is just luminous (is that a word?). Dazzling smile - amazing body, but it's her personality that shines through.

Enjoy Hay - every year my New Year's resolution is to go to a literary festival but I've never made it yet. Let me know what it's like. xx


styleeast said...

What a great street spot! Love the last photo in particular, just naturally gorgeous x

daniela kate morosini said...

oh my goodness her LEGS. they are works of art! seriously, like sculpted...lovely shots, she's so gorgeous. summertime ball sounds fun! also, jill, start replying to your texts ;)

Copious Couture said...

Wow, she is so gorgeous!


jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

she has such beautifully strong features, she is oh so stunning.

thank-you for your very sweet comment, jill. i shall definately have to try out your exercise. it's just, when i look at my photos i do look rather pretty, but i honestly don't look like that in real life. i just know how to take a decent photograph and edit my photographs in a way to make them more aesthetically pleasing. argh.

oh don't you dare ask randy anything! hehe :)

by the way, will you be attending the rare a/w press and bloggers preview on the fifteenth of this month?

i hope you have a lovely weekend also. love, jazzabelle.

Style At Every Age said...

What gorgeous pictures (as usual) love her outfit and the sandals, she is beautiful.

Blindcopy said...

wow, she's glowing! what a beautiful woman!

Guava Girl said...

her eyebrows
and smile aree absolute perfection