shiny white prada loafers: a short story

First, thank you each one of you for taking the time to write the comments you did ('what's black and white and read all over') - please read them, people, and add your favourites: I'm not in a book club and wish I was, that post is kind of a virtual book club for me! Please continue to contribute, if you feel so inclined.

The overwhelming thing I've discovered, in general but especially from your comments, is that - considering the subject of our blogs is meant to be fashion, the people who come here are so NOT vacuous or superficial! You've got brains AND beauty.

Second, Mr. Dot has just taken me on a 'date': his very first sushi dinner! Conveyor belt, a little local place called Kulu Kulu Sushi. After all these years. He even said it was 'not that bad' and that he'd try it again! And then the best gelato on the planet, after: Oddono, on Bute Street.

So: the story. It's pretty short, actually. Was waiting for the Piccadilly Line @ Gloucester Road, asked this guy if I could take his photo (yes, he said) and as I took the two shots, asked who made his shoes. As I asked, I could see: Prada. Just then, the train came, we got on, went our separate ways and, presumably, lived happily ever after.

I just have a zillion shots I want to show you all. There isn't enough time in the day, or night, to post them all. So it's going to be totally random for the time being. Just gonna keep throwing them at you!


Anonymous said...

Love this - the only good thing about the tube commute is that its practically a fashion show! Hope you snap me someday! ck :) x

jill said...

I hope so, too, pkjb. If you ever see me.. please identify yourself! ; )

ree said...

I love it that you can persuade complete strangers to be photographed. This photo is great.

Would love to know how you approach your subjects.


Silkybow said...

You take really good photos! ^^

Susan said...

love the photos- not a fan of the shiny loafers though! :)))