being julia

This is Julia Restoin Roitfeld, the 29 year old daughter of Carine, editor of Paris Vogue. I ended up a sitting between her and Olivia Palermo yesterday at the Topshop Unique show. By accident.

Granted, I was sitting on the floor. And I was invited to the show, held this year in old Eurostar part of Waterloo Station. But as this year I have the special photographers' pass this year, I thought I'd try to be one of the guys in the pit: I'm entitled, after all. There were actually some girls there, too, especially a tiny cute one with a tripod but no camera. These bodyguard type guys in blue ties were being great about reigning us into area behind tape, and one pointed out that the fence we were leaning on wasn't secure (the train tracks were 10 inches past the fence). Then he announced that the little girl with the tripod was the only one with the 'Topshop camera', and to clear her view of the show. And I was basically standing in front of her: if I moved the way I tend to during shows, the Topshop streaming would consist of a big hot pink blurry torso that was me.

So I asked someone in charge, politely, if I could sit in the aisle and pointed to the first space. She was lovely and said sure.

Then it turned out that I was sitting between the front row seats with Olivia Palermo to my right, and Julia to my left (more about the sweet Olivia who I met last February in a future post: I got some great shots of her, too, but this is Julia's post, and it's taking forever to tell this story as it is). It was surreal, yet normal, to see them politely greet each other and chat: 'Where are you going after this?' 'Paris'. Of course.

The show was fabulous, by the way. Lots of ethereal seventies influences, fabulous shoes and hair: really gorgeous setting, fun retro music that I was actually singing along to. I'll post more shots next time, promise.

These are Julia's hands: so graceful and well groomed. I watched her clap and in the midst of all that was going on, thought about the Zen line.. something about one hand clapping.

My father used to say, we don't choose our families. I was very lucky with mine: in our own way, in our town, we were held in high esteem as a family, and we understood the responsibilities, and the privileges, that come with that. We don't choose the situations we are born into.

Or, perhaps we do. The Hindus say we do. Feel we're here on this earth, with our own set of challenges, and our family and place of origin of course informs those challenges. Today I saw firsthand what it must like to be someone like Julia.

Don't get me wrong: I'm sure she loves her life. When I asked to take her photo after, she was sweet and polite and patiently waited while I tried to figure my own camera out: I forgotten to turn it on. She's clearly a happy, well brought up girl. It just started me thinking, waiting quietly for the show to start, that someone like Julia Restoin Roitfeld's life is no easier, or harder, or happier, or sadder, than the girl serving the champagne, say, or the girl with the camera in the photographers' pit, or the girl running around in a maxi with a walkie talkie device in her head.

It's just different, that's all.

I left her - and Nicola, and Lilly, and Olivia - as they were being swallowed up by the circus, and went outside, into the sunshine.

p.s. All photos are mine: if you'd like to use them, please ask me first. Thank you.


Veshoevius said...

Fab shots Jill! and great post - can't wait to see what you got of Oliva Palermo.

Style At Every Age said...

Yes agree with above, this is a lovely post and yet again, another thought provoking one. Lovely pictures and I look forward to everything to come.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Ah, great photos.

Unknown said...

Love your writing. And I admire how you are happy with being just the way you are, because you're born with it, you can't change your situations but you can always make choices.

Good pictures and amazing post.

(Streetstyle from Hong Kong)

Lila said...

Great post. Love your writing style.
Can't wait to see the Olivia post.

SabinePsynopsis said...

So true and your shots of Julia are wonderful. I think I saw you racing past me yesterday in Somerset house, Jill. I should have stopped you, but you know how it is... You looked busy (you probably were) and today I didn't see you... Shame.

Pearl Westwood said...

Its posts like this that make me love you that little bit more, so sad Im not there with you but I am enjoying the livestreaming wrapped in blanket with lemsip in hand LOL xx

Anonymous said...

amazing !
thanks for sharing !
Lots of love*°*°*°

Adorngirl said...

She has such striking eyes, really lovely pics. I have never really been to this place but it must have made a great backdrop for the clothes. x

Anonymous said...

Great post Jill! Julia looks stunning as always... However she's not 20 but 30 years old.

style odyssey said...

wonderful post! julia is a lovely girl, no doubt. i particularly enjoyed the close-up images...especially the one of her looking a bit...bored(?)
Jill, you rock. seriously. i cannot wait to see more of london fashion week through your eyes.

jill said...

Oh thank you Anonymous Source! I must have done the math wrong on her wiki bio ; ) will fix soon as I have a second - most post & run out the door

thank you thank you all so much whoever is reading this - i can't wait to shwo you what i'm seeing & shooting, it's amazing xxxxx

Clazzerati said...

As always you get me thinking with your posts, Jill. We don't chose the lives we are born into but after that it is up to us to make the most of what we have. Keep the glass half full and we'll all be ok I reckon! xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Jill, thanks for a very intresting view on one of the parts of LFW. Please, keep posting.

Love Food said...

Amazing pictures. Must be so exciting being there.

Lydia xxx

mtg said...

Julia is stunning. I love her ring and the necklace. Anonymous, any idea where they are coming from?

I totally agree with your perspective on someone's life. it is just different, that's it. everything is so relative anyway.

thanks for your post, great job as usual...