girls night out

On Wednesday's Fashion Night Out in London, it seemed everyone was in a sea of little black dresses, bare legs, black suede platform booties: the uniform at last September's fashion week. Natayla & I were saying we didn't see that much that was new, compared to last year, which felt - especially cause of the silhouette of the platform boots - really new.

But you know, in a sea of black, I did seem to find, every now and then, some local colour.

Just before I left Bond Street to go home, these two girls came up to me, a bit tipsy, and asked where I thought they should go. 'You're here', I said. They asked what I was shooting for, I told them - even gave them my card - but I can only imagine what's become of it. They were so sweet: we took shots with their camera, and they were really keen to shoot in front of the phone box. Somehow, in a sea of people wanting to be photographed, to be photographed.. why exactly? For their 15 minutes? These two felt, to me, to be what this is all about: just girls out on the town, dressing up and having fun.


ediot said...

LOVE these photos- looks like a lot of fun. i cannot wait to go to London next week- yey!have a wonderful weekend


UnoCosa said...

the first photo is magnificent! the blur really adds a bit mystic feel to it!

speaking of newness and black dress, maybe stella mccartney's pleat black mini is our calling for something slightly different? nevertheless, i am a sucker for black, whether simply shift, or complicate volume, i wish i would there ... amongst sea of black! xx

EML said...

duh these pictures make me wish i was in london...or switzerland would have their own fno (yeah right, as if thats ever gonna happen). but only 5 days until ill be hopping around red telephone booths and style watch :)
really really nice post!

FashionableAsians said...

People were all dressed up at the NY FNO too! I am totally admiring that orange polka dot trench right now! Blogged about my experience too ;)

the style crusader said...

love these photos - especially the last two of the girls. you've got to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff and around fashion week there are so many people trying hard... it's those that look naturally comfortable in their own skin and style that really stand out. remind me of that later this week when i'm head first in the circus. xx