guns and roses

Talk about Serendipity.. that's the name of Estelle's blog, and today's her birthday, and I've been meaning to do a post of another of our impromptu 'shoots' (now this is one girl who I bet never has a fashion panic moment: she just has such innate style, which after all is simply confidence to decide 'this is what I feel like wearing now': it's like having perfect pitch).

So when I went to her blog to link it, I saw that she's gone to an event I'd missed the other night: the Bertie's Blogger party with the promise of FREE SHOES. We all thought the same thing: free shoes?? Jennifer of Style East also did a great post on the party. I didn't know the brand before and it's a great way to spread the good word, I like what I've seen. I am so kicking myself with my Bertie-less free shoes-less feet. Anyway check out her post and see the ones she picked. I can't wait to see what she pairs with them.

More of this in a future post: I got a lot of shots from that day, just wanted to get this up in time for her birthday, before the bun fight that is London fashion week kicks off tomorrow. I forget where she got everything - it's all super cheap, tho.. I know the mini skirt, which looks like leather, is actually a kind of shiny fabric and something like Primark. And the Guns & Roses tee.. I think H&M.. Estelle can you help out here?

Happy Birthday, sweet Estelle! xo


JessMidge said...

ah so so gutted about not attending this event, i was invited and cursed myself a lot for not living in london!

this outfit looks great.

styleeast said...

What a stylish girl! LOVE the studded cuff. Thanks for the mention, think you would've enjoyed Bertie, they do have gorgeous shoes. You'll get to see me attempting to walk in mine at the weekend!

I'll look forward to the further shots...

Anonymous said...

Ahh what a cool kirby grip ring! I love that idea!


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