let a smile be your umbrella

Big THANK YOU for your sweet birthday wishes on yesterday's post. And to those of you who wrote on my facebook wall: that kind of little gift of people's time makes all the difference (I'm listed as Jill Carin Adams btw, if you should be so inclined to friend me).

Last Wednesday, just before Vogue's Fashion Night Out, I was on Oxford Street to check out the clothes @ Next before making my choices for yesterday's post. That's the advantage a brand like Next has compared to, say, ASOS: the choice to shop online but also be able to see the real clothes, try them on.. I'm still old fashioned in that way.

And it was really kind of a buzz to see the clothes and see the quality is really good, the detailing.. and there's so much more I really like, a lot of really Audrey Hepburn stuff, and stuff like All Saints (more about that in another post). But as I was about to left it was just this huge downpour. Everyone was caught out.

So I went back inside to the accessories area, and was torn between buying a leopard print umbrella and a cute little black one with sketchy cat drawings, when I met Lucy, who was doing the same thing. We both went for the leopard and she let me shoot her just before she went for a haircut (she was going for a bob, like Elvira and Maddy's). Off she went into the rain.

It's raining cats & dogs out there and I've got to get dressed pronto to meet my friend Maralee for lunch. Today is a sombre day for me, thinking about my father, but also thinking about my lovely family who are alive and well, and my husband, cat, friends, and the support of people like you - who I don't even know. I got the sweetest private message from a girl named Karan who said she doesn't comment but reads my blog, who wished me a happy birthday.

It's often those gestures of kindness and friendship from strangers that make all the difference in our day.I think of the people in areas of extreme flooding, and it all comes into perspective. Hope yours is lovely wherever you are, and that you are sheltered and warm.


The Photodiarist said...

Hey -Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry that I've been a stranger but ... I 've been trying to deliver some New York Fashion Week photos!:-)

But will be back on a regular basis.

Carrott said...

I usually have those days, you know, being away from home you think about all the people you left behind. But, at least for me, those are the days that make the next ones the happy days; you wake up and realize that they are somewhere loving you. And that's what makes me get up the following day and see everything positive. Maybe our gloomy days are not for the same reason, but in both cases the sun always comes out again. xxx

Style Odyssey said...

i'm in a major hurry, and haven't fully read your post yet (I will later!) but just had to comment (quickly): first girl...that could be our friend -h of Pret a Porter P blog! although -h would be wearing some fluid, elegant trousers instead of jeans.
second girl- her hair is so cool!
ok, i'm off! later...xo

jill said...

S: that is so true: it's so Pret! Slim, elegant, and hiding her beautiful face!

Carrott: I know EXACTLY what you mean. Thank you.

Photodiarist: left you a comment - thank you for the birthday wishes - totally understand. Anyone reading this, run don't walk to her blog (both) - gorgeous gorgeous NYFW shots, the best on the net.

Pearl Westwood said...

Aw I didnt realise it was your birthday (bad facebook not alerting me), I hope you had a truely wonderful day xx

mtg said...

hi Jill, i apologize for bombarding you with emails yesterday! seems like you got the problem fixed. i finally just posted my fantastic giveaway. hope people will comment...
and just wanted to tell you that i know it's a said day for you but hope you're surrounded by love at home and virtually everywhere!

i like animal print umbrellas. much better than leopard print Snugie i received as a gag gift! LOL

Paint it Black said...

Looks like you had fun in Oxford Street and your umbrella is the perfect accessory for the UK and the leopard print is bang on trend xoxo

the style crusader said...

totally agree with this post. i was going through a shop today with my niece and nephew running like mad men in front of me (waving at everyone they passed and smiling) and everyone in the shop was so chuffed and looked so happy. simple kindness makes such a difference. i absolutely love the first photo. the girls bright nails against the soft drapey colours and that crazy beautiful wang bag. lucy looks fab too. the coat is a great colour.

it looks like you are going to so many great events! london street style looks like it is back in action full swing. xx