they're here

It's that time again.

The models have landed in London.

You can recognise them instantly: they're taller than civilians, for starters. They're moving fast, staring on a fixed point on the horizon, just like on the catwalk. Sometimes, if you're in the same place for a few minutes, you can see them moving even faster, going in the opposite direction. This is because they are lost. They are moving fast because they are late.

Models are always late.

If you see a model on the street, do not approach them directly, as it might startle them. Try to be kind to them as they are probably trying to navigate a foreign city possibly in a foreign tongue. Many are young, away from their family and friends, and altho they look grown up, they often feel lonely, and scared. They might look like objects of envy, but try to keep in mind that:

• They are trying to break into one of the most competitive jobs in the world (apart from President of the United States: that's pretty competitive)
• They are working at an age when most of us are in school, or enjoying gap years abroad
• They are under a huge pressure to do their jobs impeccably: a lot of money is at stake
• They have most likely, because of their height, had really awkward phases growing up
• They no doubt have been called every insulting nickname, every variation of 'too skinny' or 'too tall'
• Their appearance - their beauty, in the standards our culture deems beautiful - is not their fault
• They will each, at some point or another, have had to deal with other women's envy, for qualities they didn't choose to have

Let's do our best to make these strange creatures welcome in our land. After all, they are people, just like the rest of us. Or so we assume.

(Shot yesterday morning, near the new temporary Maybelline HQ, 18 Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden).

It's London Fashion Week, starting today. This time round I've given too much thought to what I'm going to wear, now that I know that 'what I'm wearing' will be on the Next blog every day but you know what? In the end I decided to just treat it like any other day, and just put on the first thing that comes to mind. Or whatever's left hanging over the chair. As for what everyone else will be wearing? My fashion predictions here.

Must run. See you there I hope and if not - like if you're somewhere else on the planet - well then hope to see you here.


Cecylia said...

The blonde girl's tartan looks is perfect!

Carrott said...

I love this post! And it is so true. Have fun and take a lot of pictures! xxx

Matthew Spade said...

really sweet post, have fun! wish i was going, maybe next season

styleeast said...

Yep, I'm already jealous and I haven't ventured to anything Fashion Week-related yet. But one thing it does make me think is i AM wearing heels and i AM wearing make-up, if I'm to be anywhere near these superior beings! ;)

The Fashion Cloud said...

great post Jill again and as usual really :)
Hope you had a blast at fashion week