where do i begin?

Where do I begin? This fashion week, which I wasn't so sure of in the first day or so, just got better and better and better, and weather more glorious, and then, as if the Gods had done their thing, today, the sky weeps with rain, as the fashion world moves on to Milan, and then, Paris.

I'm finding it hard to type even simple words. Just. So. Wiped.

Black and white theme today: top shot is a beautiful boy I met yesterday at Boy's Day @ LFW. I asked who he was with but he's not a model: he's a fashion design student named Ponti. I told him if all fails as a designer he could definitely fall back on modelling: he's so photogenic. Next Helen, from Holland, who really is a model - before the Issa show. Then a sweet girl who Shini's friends with (forgot her name - I got shots of her face, too, she's lovely) - wearing trousers and shoes by a designer (forgot who! See what I mean?) made of paper. It's meant to age - I love that.

And last but not least, a sweet woman from Ireland who was one of my first friends at my first fashion week - if you look around my September 2009 post you'll find her there - talking to two girls whose names I didn't catch, either. Sorry this is the lamest post, word wise, but I'm going to take the cat - who is chocolate brown but looks almost black - and put on white pj's and lounge on the buttery yellow camel faux suede coloured couch with a cup of PG Tips and catch the last few minutes of Butch Cassidy on the TV.

I think I'll start at the end, actually, and work backwards. When next we speak.

It was my lovely friend Natalie, of Canned Fashion, who mentioned in a post not that long ago, that the style she was going for this fall was Ali McGraw in Love Story. I just found this Japanese version on YouTube: it holds up quite well, stylistically. I mean, check out Ryan MacNeil's coat: is that not the definitive Shearling? I wonder if that's where the Honourable Mr. Bailey got the idea.


Style Odyssey said...

And isn't that Agyness Deyn on the right, last pic? She's so darn cute, one of my favorite models (I actually don't keep up w/ the new ones much, unless one really strikes me- Agyness does.)

White paper shoes and pants?? whoa!

Beautiful boy in 1st pic...that is one of your best photos...the soft light, the elegant drape of his shirt, his luminous skin.

OK, with that, I must go...we're heading off to the beach this a.m. Wish you were here! I'm not sure if the water's still warm enough for me, but I shall soon find out. It's certainly hot enough outside to assume the water's still warm...


jungleworldcitizen said...

Thank you thank you for sharing :) Those are beautiful and I see why you'd have a hard time choosing the words to describe amazing!!!

Have a lovely evening!


Anonymous said...

oh, love love Love Story! the music is just classic!

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The Photodiarist said...

Are those paper shoes and pants?

jill said...

Yup. Pretty cool huh?

I should do another post to explain it actually.

Carrott said...

I really love these pictures. The cute guy, the awesome makeup, the paper outfit (I want to hear everything about it!) and aren't those the tip shoes? xxx

Kit said...

Hey Jill,

The girl with the paper trousers and shoes is Sandra from 5 Inch Up blog ;P
Love the shot of the model with tissues clipped to her hair.

jill said...

AHA! Thank you! I got shots of her head, too, but couldn't remember her name or blog!! Will check it out thank you Kit Kat! And thank you for my lovely polaroid! ; )

daniela kate morosini said...

oh this brings back the memories! so lovely to see you again :) x

Fruchtzwerg said...

Woah, the boy named Ponti should definitely try modelling if he ever fail as designer. Striking face!