happy blirthday, dear park&cubey

Shini's blog, Park & Cube, turns two today! Which means It is older than Mine. Which makes sense because although I am older than Shini, she is an old soul and I bow to her wisdom. I met her at fashion week last February and we instantly got on, but neither of us had seen or heard of each others' blogs - except perhaps on some deeply subliminal level.

I remember the first post I saw- I think it was a few days later, I found her blog and she was posting late at night about how google was her mother. That made absolute sense to me: she'd google something and it would say 'don't you mean...' and you'd think, NO, MOM, I meant blah blah blah. And judging from her popularity (or rather, the Blog's, because I am starting to think that our Blogs, like people's Dogs, can, if we don't train them properly, start to dominate our lives and expect to be walked, fed, and just generally, cuddled), but as I was saying, judging from her blog's popularity, I'm not the only one who just totally gets it about Park & Cube.

Shot last week in Oxford. Would you forgive me if I don't source everything right now? I'm just so knackered from a really long hike up and down the Thames (Isis) exactly where this was shot. Yesterday, inspired by our Oxford adventure on Monday, Mr. D & I drove back, met found the best pub, walked walked walked, saw Jen, walked some more, had lunch @ Jamie's Italian place, drove home.

The weird thing is, I shot each of them - Shini, Kit, Jen - at different times and they didn't watch each others' shots - it was all kind of random. Also Mr. D & I were in the same spot - AND last night I watched Any Human Heart (magnificent!) and he was talking to a girl who looked just like me at that age, sitting on a bench, exactly here. There. Whatever.

Anyway: here's to Park & Cube, may it grow and prosper and live forever.


ediot said...

wonderful photos of such stylish and cute girls.
thanks for sharing!

Fayoona said...

oh HAPPY BLOGBIRTHDAY TO SHINI! she is so talented.
lots of love fi x

Leah said...

Happy blog birthday to Shini. Sometimes I just wish I live right next to you so I can join you and all the girls. You always have a lot of fun together. Honestly, I'm so green with envy. xoxo

adrielleroyale said...

Happy Birthday Park and Cube! What great photo's and the story behind them!

Kit said...

Oh my, our left legs *kekekeke
I can't remember doing the pose, maybe I was too busy shivering like a rabbit.

gogochan said...

Woaah I just knew that it is the birthday. So happy blog birthday Park and Cube. Glad to know you all have fun in Oxford xxx

Nadine said...

i like your wonderful shoes