snow bunnies

Shini and Kit. Shini's jacket Uniqlo, Kit's is her mom's. I can't link you but you know them by now! Off to a new, cheaper NHS dentist - by foot - and scared. They don't do gas and I hate shots. Wish I felt as tough as these two look in this shot.


San said...

You'll get through it. I keep my fingers crossed for you.

mtg said...

good luck! that reminds me i have an appointment coming up on 12/7. eek!

the style crusader said...

i love these shots of kit and shini. the second image is too funny. hope the dentist has gone well. i've been thinking about you today! i'm sure you'll soldier through, whether you feel it or not - you are a tough cookie. xx

Izzy said...

Good luck! These shots are so original- love them! Love how they almost match! Hope you visit back at

Style Odyssey said...

i'd take the shots any day/anesthesia, whatever. (needles don't bother me, ever. weird, huh.) i hope you don't have any pain! poor you.

the girls look so sweet and cozy in their fluffy white coats.

Pearl Westwood said...

Aww Jill I havent heard of any UK dentist doing gas be brave. I seriously hate the dentist after an NHS one made such a mess of my teeth. I chipped a tooth last month and he said the only thing was to pull it out! I couldnt believe it so went for a second opinion - guess what it just needed a filling, so I now have to pay for private but boy is it worth it to keep all my teeth!

- sure yours will be wonderful, like santa ;-)

SabinePsynopsis said...

Cute! My NHS dentist experiments have always been a disaster, but I'm sure you'll get the one good one out there! xo

jill said...

Well here's the funniest part: I got the date wrong and missed the appointment! And it wasn't even me: my husband told me he wrote it down so I didn't check - he heard me wrong, he wrote down 3:25 when it was 2:25 (granted, we were talking between a solid wall at the time). Either way - the NHS only gives you two strikes and then you're out.

The good news, tho, is I have a reprieve til 5:15 Thursday. They even printed out the time, bless them, so I can't possibly get it wrong. They were really nice sports about it -and I got my Boot Opticians disposable contact lens annual check up, instead. Win/win situation.

THANK YOU each for your lovely dentist good luck thoughts. I guess it worked as I'm not remotely in pain ; ) xx

p.s. Stephanie I can't believe you don't mind needles! Totally impressed.

jill said...

p.s.s.: Just noticed I have one less follower! I guess all this dental talk put someone off. Oh well: can't win them all. Pearl I just told Mr. D what you said (because I keep wanting to go back to our lovely private dentist who is soooooo expensive and looks and sounds like Stephen Fry) and he said 'that can't be true'. 'What are you calling Pearl a liar?', said I. He just shrugged and went on reading.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jill:
Hope the dentist goes well on Thursday.

I don't like shots, either. My dentist (trained in London, and took more courses here in Canada) always pinches/shakes my cheek inside to numb it before inserting the needle. Less painful that way.

The best part of dental appointments is watching a DVD on a flat screen monitor while she or hygenist works. I usually choose a "Frasier" episode and stay relaxed. I don't want to leave when the work is finished before the DVD ends!

Hope your visit is not too traumatic. Cheers,

Louise formerly Anon.