Also @ the party last night: in a sea of black, this blonde stood out in a maxi skirt (definitely the silhouette of the night, but always with killer black heels), and a similar sheer blouse to the one I was wearing (I wore mine with nude H&M riding pant type leggins & black riding boots). What I loved was the fur stole: such an elegant accessory.

As I shot her I noticed that - as most style icons do so well - she seemed to be truly LISTENING to the two men talking. There is nothing more attractive to men than a blonde with some brains who seems to be truly interested in more than how beautiful she is.

The shot I wish you could see is the one I didn't take: the minute I stopped, she had just noticed me and we smiled and waved. It was just such a spontaneous, genuine kinship & kindness.

Must run. More to come. xox


styleeast said...

I logged straight on when I got home to see this post, and her outfit's just as I pictured it from your description! Gorgeous. Such class and glamour and a lovely soft colour palette in a sea of black

Great seeing you today for FFF#2!

jill said...

Great seeing you too, Jennifer. I really enjoyed it - talk about a late lunch. Bring on FFF#3!

Thank you - my only comment on this post so far. I don't know why, well, I like it - and it is Friday night, maybe people are out doing fun things. Me, gonna watch S&tC reruns with the cat while Mr. Dot sleeps: I am such a couch potato. xx

the style crusader said...

she is gorgeous. absolutely love the outfit she is wearing. so completely chic. the shot of her skirt and that top tucked in looks so old school glamour... something about those tiny pleats and the colours. i was actually wondering what her next move was after the last shot... she's totally looking at the camera and realizing that you are there. am glad to hear the reaction was a nice one. xx

mtg said...

i love all your party shots, but the last one in this post is absolutely favorite. she is beautiful and so glad she was friendly. just like jen, i absolutely adore this girl's outfit and the color combo she is wearing with black heels. and even her nails are done is some chic neutral color. and the way she is playing with her locket is so cute and sexy. oh, i just love this post.
thanks for stopping by today, jill

Style At Every Age said...

She looks so classy and you are right about nothing being more attractive to a man than a woman who is taking in every word he says! Thanks for your comment over at mine, I always find your words have a calming influence on me and make so much sense. Everything you write means a lot. I don't know what has happened to "Karma" these days! and I hope your situation gets sorted, you don't deserve any crap either xx Have a great weekend xx

classiq said...

The white shirt: timeless!

adrielleroyale said...

These are such beautiful shots, I love the captured trio - they sure do seem to enjoy one another's company! :)

P.S. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! You are so right about the give to get thing - I think in this setting it is so healthy to be (basically) forced to interact with people in order to get traffic. Some do it in the most minimal way which is slightly irritating, but then there are those like you who take the time to really connect! Those are the ones you pay attention to and the ones you naturally want to support. Anyway thanks again and good luck with your own pursuit of awesome sky pictures! Next up on my list is the first snow we had last week. :) xoxo

mtg said...

Jill, I can't help but keep coming back to this post. I'm obsessed with her outfit. I want it all: off white see through blouse, pleated nude maxi (I guess nude? what would you call that color?), killer black hills, long locket necklace, neutral nails. I just can't get enough. I think this is my new obsession. Out of all she is wearing I just have the necklace. Maybe I'll make a trip to Goodwill to look for the rest. I love the stole too, but I don't think I could pull it of since as you know I don't live very glam life. Just go to the places like grocery store, post office, church, kids' school, etc. Ha-ha!
I'm bookmarking this post and may just have to steal the look. Money is tight right now so I just have to get lucky at Goodwill...
take care, dear friend.
i feel like I know you...

mtg said...

woops, i meant "black heels" (the way I say hills and heels sounds just the same. English!)
hill, heel, heal - it's all the same to me ;)