More from the day I visited Rosalind, aka Roz, and her family at her grandmother's house ('courage').

It was Bonfire night, actually. We were having our annual bonfire in our garden square, back in South Kensington: we're on the committee, and our friend, the Chairman, had a bigger budget than usual for the fireworks. But first, I took the tube to Primrose Hill. The light that day, the colours.. the houses on the street, it was all quite magical. The autumn leaves. The three acts: lunch. Cake. Garden.

During Cake, we went into a lovely sitting room, with french doors leading to the garden. Roz, only days home from the hospital, was finding sitting the most painful part (as they said it would be) so - with such grace - she'd lay down periodically, even during lunch, on a day bed set in the room. Above her were paintings, portraits of her family: her grandmother was looking down, and her uncle.. her father's mother sounds amazing, and I could sense her presence by all the books surrounding us, and the rocks and shells, the same kind of treasures I collect.

This is such a creative family. Her father, her mother, her brother. Each uniquely talented and completely supportive of each other. They made the most perfect coffee, just the way I like it (strong, with hot milk AND a bit of cream to make it rich). We were just hanging out, talking about all kinds of things, taking photos.. and Roz's little brother, Asa, was just quietly drawing. And drawing. He is so sweet, cute, they're such good friends, and his artwork- it was like watching a young Keith Haring.

I could see his work in the Saatchi Gallery. Or printed on an amazing scarf.

Everything was beautiful, that day, as Roz rested and recovered. As her beautiful, brilliant mom said later, the day felt.. timeless.


the Citizen Rosebud said...

What a great little peek into this amazing young woman's and her family's lives. I am completely besotted with that whole family. You can tell just from Roz's pics and post that the family values creativity, artful living. And family. Roz is such a beauty and it pains my heart a bit to see pain in her eyes in these pics. Not a lot, but the photos you've taken show a Roz who has endured, a little more intense in the eyes. But what a trememdous soul! I know she is up to it, to recovery and moving forward, and look forward in seeing her creative outbursts and contributions for years to come.

Thanks so much for sharing, Jill. As far away as Cali is from England, you've put me in the room with Roz & family and it is a pleasure. xo.-Bella Q

Ellie said...

Jill, do you mind me asking how you know her? I've just read back over a dozen or so of her posts and am so moved by her courage. My best friend had the same surgery as her and it brings back the memories of the pain and triumph of her recovery.

I am sending my prayers, my thoughts to her and her brilliant family, her brother is certainly a beautiful artist.

Miki said...

Awe, what a nice post. You have an awesome and huge heart, Jill. And Roz certainly does deserve all the best; I'm sure her strength and will will take her far.


The Photodiarist said...

Fantastic and generous post. Love it. And those drawings are brilliant!

April Kam said...

lovely illustration! thanks for sharing :)

daisychain said...

What an amazing post, Jill you really are one of the most caring people I know.

jill said...

Oh, thank you: but you're all truly just as kind, and generous spirited. That's why you're here and not at some other blog that's all about 'look at my expensive shoes, aren't you jealous?'

Truly: I am amazed at the... amazingness of all of you. Hope you're all having a sweet day.

Rosalind said...

Jill, this is incredible! Thank you so much. I will send a seperate email, but I just wanted to express my gratitude here as well..
I really love that first shot of me, and you captured my brother's 'doodles' very well! I'm now so tall you had to capture me in three parts, haha. That day was wonderful, and it would be absolutely lovely to meet up again sometime over christmas. Hopefully I will be a little more mobile by then!

Chuck said...

She has such a classic beauty. Glad the recovery is going well. x

mtg said...

I was nodding to the comment above. Such classic beauty.
What an amazing family. Love Asa's art. Just Wow!