any cloud.. and all that

On the last day of LFW (Man Day) we were in the tent between shows, just totally wiped out, and while Charlie May (girl a la mode) and I were talking I noticed sweet Lexxi (am I spelling that right?), Charlie's good friend (and roommate), kind of melting into her coat. Napping with her eyes open.

There is something about Lexxi - like with Charlie - that is so sunny and cool and creative and delightful. So when she got some kind of disappointing news the other day, I loved her response. 'Any cloud, and all that jazz'.

I woke thinking about how nice you guys were about Major Bobby, or our UMS car.. and both are totally well now, and who knows, maybe they'd be anyway, but still. And this might not be totally fashion related but you gotta love the lyrics 'each morning I wake up, before I put on my make-up.. while combing my hair now, wondering which dress I'm gonna wear now...' so today, I'm saying a little prayer for Lexxi: this one's for you. And for other friends: you know who you are!


Unknown said...

amazing picture, gorgeous coat!
love that song!!

A La Mode said...

Awwww this is so cute Jill!

jill said...

Thank you Kate, Charlie, but don't use up your phone! It will cost a mint from Paris and besides you're there to see the shows ; ) xo

The Photodiarist said...

Lovely! Well taken photo too.

Lexxi Elizabeth Davis said...

Aww Jill thank you so much, this has totaly brightened my day! :) x

daisychain said...

What a sweet photo, almost angelic x

Rosalind said...

Oh Jill, I have so many things I want to say about all your latest posts! I'll try and squash them together here.
Firstly, the title of this made me think of Kate Bush's song 'Cloudbusting'. Have you seen the music video by any chance? It is incredible. Also love the photo - she looks so cosy.
Secondly, I love your Jaeger fairytale post (alongside the shot of me). I really like how we both intepreted that experience into two, totally different blog posts. Also wonderful images of Paloma Faith. I took some pictures of her at the Big Chill over the summer (did you see them on my blog?), and was very inspired. She's absolutely magnetic, and has real stage presence. She's on my list of people I'd love to meet/ photograph.
Fourthly (?), Leomie looks so fresh-faced in the pictures you took. I've been watching the 'Model Agnecy' program with interest, especially as I used to be a part of that industry. It's very captivating, and she is just gorgeous.
Finally, I saw the last woman in your 'movie star three', and instantly thought that anyone who didn't take a photo of her would be stupid. She looked like she had stepped off a (suitably elegant) plane from the 1940s.


Rowena said...

I have the same coat. I wonder if I have the same dreamy look in my eyes when I wear it...? It is like walking around in a giant fluffy cocoon like hug. A good last day coat choice - Lexxi looks as cute as. Love you blog btw. Just wandered upon it.

Style At Every Age said...

Ah lovely post, you are always so thoughtful, what a beautiful soul you have, how you always think of others.
I love her coat btw! xx