corrie, cherries, and the infinite shades of red

Next in my little homage to Japan/cherry blossom series: Corrie Nielsen, who was born in Florida, moved to London three years after me (2000), studied at Central Saint Martins, worked for Vivienne Westwood for SIX YEARS (til 2006), won Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden in 2010, and altho hers was only the 2nd show I saw (on Day One) of this recent fashion week, I knew she's stay in my heart and mind as one of the best (altho I still haven't shown you anything by Holly Fulton yet! Been saving up for that).

I was thinking recently, when I was putting together a post in my head about why I love blue, and don't usually love red, and my reason was, you can do a million shades of blue together - going into green, and purple, and baby blue, aqua, navy - but you can't do it with red. Tht there aren't as many shades of red. And soon as I thought that I went, HANG ON: pink is a shade of red. So is purple, and orange.. and when I start thinking that way, I realise I love red. When I think of mixing hot pink with orange - with a bit of camel or khaki or olive or brown - that's when red becomes interesting. I just don't like it with black and grey. But that's just because of my childhood friend Sheila's bedroom, which was all Goth and scared me.

Everything is subjective.

Yesterday the sun came out in all its gloriousness and I had a lovely brunch with Naomi at Borough Market, then the afternoon with the Dot Man in Hyde Park. Today we're back to grey but that's okay: yoga and films. Rambling - sorry - I'll shut up now.

Previous post from Corrie Nielsen's show here. All photos by me. How's your weekend so far? And while we're at it: are you seeing red? Or are you feeling blue?


Shopgirl said...

I was thinking I agreed with you re red and blue and then realised you are right about all of those different shades of red that I didn't think about being shades of red.

This weekend is going well - I'm currently on my mum's red sofa, watching through her massive windows as the grey sky starts to break up here and blue sky comes into view and I am pretty sure that very soon the sun might come out and shine on our little Sunday morning walk. If only every weekend was this beautiful.

Adorngirl said...

nope I have always been a red lover, pillar box, burgandy really cool shades, and I have only really liked the darker blue spectrum of navy, and purple, I have a real affinity against aqua, I just don't get that colour, is it blue or green?

Kathleen said...

Colors have different purposes, don't they? My heart beats faster when I'm around hot pinks, intense oranges,brilliant reds (I might add a touch of purple, too), but I'd feel like a lunatic wearing them. I had a bright red power suit back in the '80s, and ever since then have stayed with more subdued versions for clothing. Love the Asian-inspired dress at the top of your post.

Blythe and Charlotte said...

I've never ever thought of color like that. Especially what you said about mixing them and how you can combine the different shades. I'm totally inspired now, and dying to make some outfits with those combinations! Thanks!


ediot said...

hi jill. what a fantastic post this is. i took a lot of photos at that show. but not so many turned out good..like yours, are fantastic.
but it was definitely one of my favorite shows.. so dramatic and the music. well. i was overwhelmed..
hope you're enjoying your sunday lovely

Unknown said...

Oohh god!! Wonderfull blog!!

Rosalind said...

I am currently wearing purple - which is a mixture of blue and red. However, blue and red are both colours that feature heavily in my wardrobe - and I bought a blue satin 60s evening coat to add to the collection.
I think these posts you have done mixing the blossom and catwalk photos are incredible - so accurate, and just generally beautiful. I think they give off a sense of calm and serenity (a word I've been using a lot lately).
I really wish I could have gone to Corrie's show - the clothes are all stunning.


Nina Piccini said...

I'm loving how you edit these photos! It's brilliant! What program do you use?

jill said...

Thank you Nina! It's just photoshop. I love playing around with layers, I want to do more of it on my blog.

And thank you Roz, Mitica, ediot, Charlotte, Kathleen, Shopgirl, and Ashanti: that made me smile, that you don't 'understand' aqua: I think it would be a gorgeous colour on you! ; )