This isn't even the images I was working on when I started seeing the tweets.. and I was going to go all day with just the wave post up as a kind of prayer, but that prayer is still being felt around the world, but in the meantime.. it hit me that people that are at work, aren't stopping working. There was something my father used to tell me, that his father told him: 'An honest day's work for an honest day's pay.'

So in a sense, my blog is my job.. and if you came here to see fashion images, fashion images you shall get. These are from the David Koma show - more to come, there are always more I want to share with you - during the show, and after.

Now back to check on the BBC.


A La Mode said...

Fantastic details here, I love that last shot, so cool!

I am glued to BBC breaking also, so shocked and my heart goes out to Japan and all other affected areas.

ql said...

How sexy!

The Photodiarist said...

These are really gorgeous!

the style crusader said...

Love these shots and love how a very serene colour palette is coming through in your photos... despite the amount of loud colour that seemed to be everywhere during LFW. xx

Olivia Isabella. said...

The issues are so shocking and devastating they need to be publicised by blogs like this that reach out to so many people. It gives the sudden tsunami exposure so people may be inclined to help.

As for the images, lovely colour palette. Love the detail on the blouse in the 2nd picture and the earmuffed hat!

Olivia x

Anonymous said...

Thanks, sweet friends. Crusader: just you wait, there's plenty of loud colour coming up.. I agree, there was a lot of colour. I'm just working my way through the spectrum, starting with black and white.

Interestingly: there was much more colour on the crowd than on the runways. It seemed the predominant look for fall is black with red: not my thing usually. But just wait til Holly shows up on these pages!

Olivia, I know. I think we're all finding it surreal right now to think about living an ordinary life. This is a time when it feels we need to focus on the people in the world who will need our help. It's unbelievable devastation.

Forgot to sign in - but it's me. Jill.

eugenialejos said...

oh! very inspiracional pictures!!