preview: unique

I'm not really here right now: I'm out with my childhood friend who is visiting from NY. I'm posting this from a few hours in the past, and you'll see it in the future. I can't wait to show you more from this wonderful Unique show, but for now, just a little preview.


Shopgirl said...

Hope you're having fun with your friend :) I love all things Topshop and Topshop Unique but this dress just reminds me of those scarf hangers from Ikea!!! I'd be tempted to hang things off it rather than wear it!! ;)

Winnie said...

Hope you have a lovely time with your old friend. It's so lovely that you have kept in touch with her after all these years! Looking forward to seeing what other fantastic photos you have from the Unique show!

style odyssey said...

beauty in motion. i look forward to more of your FW posts. :)
have fun with your friend! my "old" friend was just here recently, too. we've been pals since 4th grade. isn't it comforting to have a lifelong friend? like having a sister.