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What is WRONG with me? I simply cannot stop thinking about the dinner party last week at Aqua Kyoto in the old Dickens and Jones building. I keep trying to tell Mr. Dot about it and he's like, Jill, you told me already. 'But I didn't tell you about the pork bellies.' 'You told me about the pork bellies.' But they way they paired them with those amazing langoustines, the saltiness of the seafood against the meltingly sweet pork, and that crackling on top that shattered like the thin glass like surface on a creme brulee..

You see, I'm really a frustrated food critic. And I'm always just bordering on turning this blog into a food blog.

So what do I do? I start clicking on fashion shots. Because to me it's all about contrast, combos, breaking the rules. Every good look I see these days is a unique balance of bling and.. unbling. Dress it up, knock it down. Take Ashish, for example, because like the pork bellies, I keep returning to his stupendous recent collection. The tomboy shapes, the flat shoes, but of course, everything sparkly and sequin.. Daniela (Couture and Crumpets) sent me a brilliant piece she wrote tonight, how right now is all about breaking the rules, how we love our bad boys ('from Darcy to Doherty') and how that's translating into fashion right now. Big time.

Okay I'll shut up now. It's late. My own bad boy is long asleep, and it's time I am, too. I can't wait to go back to Aqua Kyoto, and if I do, I've got a big bold plaid Chanel inspired jacket from my sister that's similar to this one, a weird combination of brown and green and tan and maybe some maroon, that I admired on her one year and the next she just handed it to me and said 'it's yours if you want, I can't handle it.' I'm just daring myself to mix with equally bold patterns. Let it clash. Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith and just go for it.


i am not a celebrity said...

It's 7.29am and all I want is more of that pork belly. Did you see Alex Love's jacket that night? Vintage chanel (navy, big gold buttons, insane shoulder pads) - it reminds me a little of these over-amped Ashish bits and pieces.


A La Mode said...

OH MY GOD that food looks incredible! Mmmmmm, pork belly is the best thing ever,

mtg said...

I love the look of clashing colors or styles on others, but always have to "talk" myself into it before I do it myself.... Beautiful photos as always!