holly waters: like osmosis

There was a time when fashion shows (or, so I'm told) were held closer to the actual season. I can picture women having luncheons in department stores and seeing models walking around in 'cruise wear'. These days, to see winter clothes in February and spring clothes in September.. I've kind of saved the best for last, altho there are still SO MANY COLLECTIONS from this fashion week that I can't wait to show you.

But first off: one look from Holly Fulton's recent show (A/W 2011). I love how this particular model is styled: her look reminds me of Japan or China in like the 1920s or 30s. I'm also going thru her show last September, getting really psyched for spring. I love her use of colour. Especially aqua (love what Ashanti - Adorn Girl - said recently. That she doesn't understand aqua).

No offence Ashanti, cause you know I love you, but how can you not get aqua? The colour of tropical waters. Of swimming pools. I am longing to return to Florida and instead, am playing around with dots of digital light on a screen. As if my eyes will absorb the magnificent feeling, like osmosis.


Shopgirl said...

The pattern on that dress (in the first photo) with the hands and the guns and the pattern coming from the guns, reminds me of old skool James Bond opening sequences that had things like that! In fact, even in most recent ones too, for that matter! There is one I remember where hearts and spades and other playing card symbols are shot from the barrel of a gun!

Always love Holly Fulton's shows and your photos from them are always a highlight of the LFW coverage :)

(PS Thanks for the comment on my blog - yey for Thursday!)

Fashionstyle said...

Lovely !!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - stately, flowing and elegant; everything you want in a dress!

ediot said...

must say-the editing you do is absolutely brilliant. i like the way you blend catwalk photos with other pictures.
The print of this dress is so fun and unique
thanks for sharing

SabinePsynopsis said...

Wonderful associations, Jill. I do 'get' acqua, but somehow I can't wear it. Must be my autumnal colour type... xoxo

Adorngirl said...

Lol! I can't help how I feel, the cheek of it is that I love colour, and I am pretty open minded to most of them but there's something about Aqua that I can't stand, No matter what fabric or item if it's aqua it looks cheap, and tacky, plus the word aqua I don't even like writing it I am pretty sure I even spelled it wrong, and even saying it out loud I screw my face

I will stand by my principles, and yes I am taking a stance not against world peace or even the state of our economy yes I am standing against the awfulness that is Aqua, now who's with me?

jill said...

Haha, Pret yes it does look Etre-esque and Ashanti, looks like you've got Sabine watching your back! This is funny.

I LOVE the associations we have with colour.. so want to explore this further. Thanks sweet friends! xx

Nina Piccini said...

I want that dress!!! :)