In a sea of the most beautiful women in the world, she stood out. I don't know who she was, but one day during fashion week, I was backstage and found myself in a quiet corner, lulled by the gentle hum of hairdryers and people hard at work, making the beautiful more beautiful.

I was only there a few minutes, but it felt restful somehow. She was talking to the man drying her hair, while one of her hands rested gracefully in the lap of another man, doing her nails. There was an otherworldliness to her, and I didn't understand the language they were speaking, but if someone told me she was from another planet, I'd believe it.

Lately I've been feeling like the events unfolding in Japan - and the horror in Libya - mean that it would be somehow frivolous to post about fashion. But if you've taken the time to come here, I don't need to bang on about what we're all feeling. You're coming here for an escape, perhaps, or to see something.. beautiful.

The day before the tsunami, I was in a cafe and heard a song from my past: I had forgotten what an anthem it had been for me when I was young. I used to sing it out loud, day after day. I know I said yesterday that I don't have to always be happy, but here's a secret: for most of us, being happy or unhappy is a choice. I realise that for many people right now, they don't have that choice, but that cliche about counting our blessings.. well right now I'm feeling pretty blessed.

Which doesn't take away from the sadness I feel for the people in the world who are suffering. Anyway, since most likely you've never heard this beautiful song by Carole King, as corny as it sounds: please play it. And it's done in this season's colour: 'true blue'.


Kathleen said...

Beauty, indeed! If the times we are living in show us anything, it is that the world turns on a dime, and our lives this morning may be completely different tonight. Our only choice is to appreciate each second we are alive and find beauty in that moment. Thank you so much for showing us a piece of that every day.

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

I went through a period when I sang that song all the time too :) x

the nyanzi report said...

"...the events unfolding in Japan - and the horror in Libya...You're coming here for an escape, perhaps, or to see something.. beautiful." You had me at the first shot! What such beauty.

the style crusader said...

Can't listen to the song as I'm sitting in a cafe - but I definitely agree, this girl is gorgeous. Lovely post. xx

The Photodiarist said...

She's stunning!

With all this crazy and horrible stuff going on in the world seemingly all at once, I wonder if there's any truth to that 2012 doomsday (mayan calendar) stuff. . . not really but every now and again, it crosses my mind.

jill said...

Photodiarist: I was JUST talking about that with friends at lunch! And we're all like, no, can't be.. this kind of stuff happens all the time.. but it does feel oddly Biblical.

Thank you, Penny.. David.. Kathleen what you said is so true. I feel like right now, this is really hitting us all. Well, a lot of us.

style odyssey said...

Hey Jill,

You look precious! So free and youthful and utterly charming. And very festive in the green shirt!
This IS a beautiful post. The whole world seems really crazy right now; your blog is a respite.
I don't have much time right now to write a decent comment, as Mr. Odyssey is taking me to the museum, but just want you to know that you're in my thoughts.
And thanks so much for the sweet FB birthday "card", I appreciate your friendship and kindness! You are a special woman. :)
Happy St Patrick's Day! xoxo


Gosh, she is really breathtaking. Whenever I'm struck by a really stunning girl I remember a quote I read from the director Bernardo Bertolucci on his star, Eva Green : "So beautiful, it's indecent..."

You're right, we do all come for an escape, and there is nothing wrong in that, it's perfectly natural. There should always be time for appreciating beauty. Otherwise, if we only exposed ourselves to sad or shocking images, how would we ever remember that there is also so much goodness in the world too?

LittleRachael said...

I couldn't agree more.

And wow, that model really is beautiful. Gorgeous photos.


SabinePsynopsis said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures, Jill. It's difficult, isn't it - blogging about fashion and everyday stuff seems so superficial... On the other hand, maybe one has to do what one is doing - just because we do not verbalise everything doesn't mean we don't feel it or care. Does this all sound confused? Maybe it's just too late for me... xoxo

adrielleroyale said...

She really is quite the beauty! I have days when I think I might look like that... :) I need a good photographer to follow me around and catch my prettiest moments lol ;) Great post

i am not a celebrity said...

Dearest Jill,

This girl is crazy - of the Patsy Cline variety - beautiful. Stunning photos taken by a stunning woman.

Your post remindeds me of a Persian artist I once had the privilege of interviewing. She had lived through the violence in Tehran and seen her country ruined. She told me that the uglier the streets of her beloved city became, the more she strove to paint pictures of beauty and peace. Although her canvases were abstract, they were pervasive with this sentiment and necessry for her to remind herself that there was still beauty in the world. She and her friends and family would escape into them. In a small way, your blog is doing the same. So, keep it up!

Much love,

Kate x

Frances Davison said...

amazing, Jill. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

oh i love what you have on here, the blue and green are lovely together