bilo the monkey: so wrong yet so right

I'm assuming you're like me: most likely you're female (apart from Mat, of Buckets and Spades, but that's another story: he's a rare bird who's interested in fashion, among many other things, but also has a beautiful girlfriend: perhaps the world's only true metrosexual man). But also chances are, you're great at multi-tasking. So while fashion isn't by any means the only thing I'm interested in, I've realised that - having done my blog now for two years - that I've actually got an interesting anthropological body of work. I can actually chart trends.

For example: while going thru my archives to compile my study of my friend Natayla, as one of my style icons, I realised that on the same day I shot her in her Bilo the Monkey tee shirt - June 2010 - we also ran into Hayley, a teenager with great style who has also become a kind of muse on my blog (when I run into her: we're also facebook friends). She's also got great personal style. But what I realised was: on the same day, both chose to wear print tee shirts with bold animal print jackets over them. And in hindsight: that feels very spring 2010.

I mean: I've still seen animal prints, in interesting variations, for A/W 2011 - frankly, I'm amazed the trend has lasted this long.

Right now, as the Times Sunday Style accurately portrayed from the guests at the recent Royal Wedding, it feels like the jungle creatures have gone into hiding, and it's all about either a range of muted pastels: the 'nude' concept extended into the whole spectrum, from a creamy pale yellow to blue-grey tints to pinks, or when it's bright and bold, it's solid.

It's too soon to tell, but that's my observation at the moment. I'll be street shooting over the next few days & I don't like to generalise - no, that's a lie. I LOVE to generalise. But more to the point: I'm curious if you've noticed this, too.

Are animal prints an endangered species? Or have they just gone into hibernation?


Fashion Limbo said...

animal print when done properly is fantastic, I'm in love with the cardie/hoodie in the first picture. I think that done well it's a classic. However, in terms of trends it should be over soon, it has been going around for a while now.
Love to see you "streetstyling" xxx

Matthew Spade said...

what a funny mention that is, i hope that is being said with a bit of tongue-in-cheekness or else i sound a bit funny. but thank you anyways, that's real nice of you. maybe some prints have gone away from a bit, i have a leopard print cardigan but i'm not mad on it now.

Re to both your comments, well i only have 6 copies of the magazine as it's for my uni projects so i can't really sell them but i will certainly dedicate a blog post to them soon so you can sort of see what it's like. yeah me and hollie figured out there were married, she is a kate spade fan and always buys stuff from there when she's in america. i'd love anything from jack spade, love it. so wait, her last name was spade and they met and he was called spade too or did he just end up taking her name? ah yeah i saw that they were related, i can't be doing with him to be honest!

Mileide Almeida said...

I love this pics..so original!!

styleeast said...

I love this reference to Mat, it made me laugh when it popped up in my preview pane! Total compliment, Mat, you're definitely one of a kind in blog world. Oh but let's not forget David (Nyanzi) while we're at it, he's in a niche all of his own too. Let's hear it for the boys I say! ;)

Great shots, Jill, and brilliant title! xx

style odyssey said...

my theory is we see more animal prints in the cold months because it's more conducive to heavier clothing, faux fur, etc..
fun pics! xo

jill said...

Oh Mat definitely a compliment! And Jennifer you're right: totally forgot about David, but it's true, he's in his own niche, we need a name for it. I guess the Nyanzi niche! Yeah let's hear it for the boys!

Pret, yes, I was thinking the same thing (what Stephanie said): my main go-to leopard is my faux fur coat, which I just stuffed into an upper cupboard for the summer.

Thank you Miliede & Limbo! ; ) xo

Pearl Westwood said...

Ok Jill in this post and the one above there are those Lanvin trainers again, I think it is a sign I need to go find some, definately a sign! They come in so many colours too!!!

That would be an interesting post, to do some trends from different seasons seen through your street style! Its funny sometimes you dotn even notice a trend until you look back and then yep, certain things, looks, colours, items really do define spaces in time x

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I love this outfit!

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