orange you glad: paperwallet

Like most of you who have a fashion blog, I get a lot of emails. I don't have a system per se, and while I don't delete everything (I'm a hoarder, even with digital information) I do sometimes see something that catches my eye. It was back before Christmas, I think, that I received something from a guy named Steve, who represents PAPERWALLET. Such a simple concept: wallets, made from paper. Exactly what it says on the tin.

He wanted to know if I could mention it on my blog. I replied that if he sent me one, I'd go a step further and photograph it AND mention it on my blog. I don't know about you guys but I am constantly amazed that anyone gets paid for their blog, or gets free stuff. The few times I've deal with fashion brands for fees - like when I ran the ad for American Apparel - it was taking forever to get paid, and not paid much, and in the end it just wasn't worth it. I prefer to just promote what I like, not what I'm getting paid to like.

But bless his cotton socks if Steve didn't send me the wallet! AND one for Mr. Dot. He asked me to choose a colour or pattern and I chose a kind of Chanel-Vague pale aqua, my favourite colour, (click here to see it) but that wasn't available at the time, so I chose ORANGE. Back then, I wasn't wearing orange. This wallet has started my spring combination that I've worn for years - it's such a great warm weather combo - of hot pink, orange, and some brown, tan, nude, or black - just to bounce the colour off of. Sometimes even a little lime green.

Mr. Dot got his in plain old BROWN, and it's ageing like fine old leather. These wallets are sturdy, and strong, and I love the simplicity of it. I customised mine with a few drops of hot pink nail varnish, which my niece Scarlett who's just visited London to see her dad, my brother (we spent the whole week staying up late going back stage - literally on the stage - for his show) greatly admired. She left for NY the other day, he's left this morning to continue touring, and I really miss them both. It was a fun visit.

Oh and you can't beat the price: the solids are £9.99. With free shipping worldwide. I love it. And shame on me for not talking about it sooner. But better late than never.


Pearl Westwood said...

Erm I might be missing something but I don't get it, if its made of paper will it not just wear away really quickly??

Blogs are a lucrative business, especially for advertising. Ive worked with advertising so I know full well how much print ads cost, now with everyone taking to the internet your blog links are valuable to businesses. I dont have a system either I just work with brands I like, simple as that. No amount of money would make me feature a brand I didn't like or wouldn't use myself.

I know I haven't been commenting much lately but I am still hear reading xxx

jill said...

Thanks sweet pea! Just left you a loong comment on your wild and wacky Prada post. Believe it or not, yes it's paper and no: it seems built to last forever. It really is an amazing product.

Feel good! big hug xxx

Fashion Limbo said...

really cool looking wallet! love the colour, but I would have also gone for the one you wanted intially ;)

David Bohm said...

Hey Pearl... its called Paperwallet because its as thin as paper and even feels like paper however its made out of a super strong material called tyvek which is very eco-friendly and 100% recyclable :) I've got a Paperwallet... It's the most comfortable wallet I have ever owned, and I'm never going back to leather.

jill said...

Oh thank you, David. I didn't realise it's not paper - it IS really strong and resilient and I love how it ages, wears in (that's why I put a shot of it after I had it for months): it really is amazing. I'd love to see them start using this tyvek stuff for other things.. it would make a great handbag, for example. I'd love to see a really stylish, Birkin type bag made of that material. Someday the idea of leather - animal skins - for bags and wallets and shoes is, I hope, going to seem bizarre and barbaric.