Woke up this morning in the mood to wear white and a grey cardigan, especially now that I'm quite tan. And the whole reason I felt like wearing that was because when I saw my friend Natayla the other day (before we went away for the weekend) that's what she was wearing. It looked great against her tan and everything seemed to sparkle: her blue eyes (mine are brown), her diamond stud earrings.. all weekend, I was in the mood to wear white and grey, and when I woke up this morning, and that's what I put on, I knew that Nat was my inspiration.

I've been asked to do a bunch of interviews lately for some reason, and one question they always ask is 'Who is your style influence' and 'Who is your style icon'.

And I always say Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie Kennedy (in no particular order) but I've realised, that often my strongest influences are my friends. So I started going back thru my archives: I don't shoot Nat every time we meet (that day last week, for example, I didn't have my camera with me) - and often we'll just meet locally, we live nearby and we'll both be wearing really cosy pyjama-ish clothing - but Nat always looks great. Since London isn't her main home, I can see that she tends to mix up just a few items - and while some of it is expensive, more often than not it's H&M. (In fact, the tan leggings she's wearing in the top shot - with the Missoni cardigan - are H&M and I bought the same pair because of her). She just has great style but more importantly, she's got that quality, that zest for life and - as I always sensed was the case with Audrey and Jackie - fashion is absolutely not the most important thing in her life. She cares about the things that matter: kindness. Family. Love. Freedom. Joy.

I'm running out to meet my brother for dinner. My husband has already left, I'm late. These days, life is happening really fast: it's getting harder to find the time to post, so please bear with me. This will be part of a series, so stay tuned..


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Jill - the way you describe your friends as being your style icons. Natayla looks fantastic! So happy and zesty like you said! I especially love the print on her cardigan!

Pearl Westwood said...

You know what I love, her cute trainers they looks really stylish and Ive been having to wear flats a lot so I must try something like that out! Hope ur well Jill xx

jill said...

Thanks Alexandra! Pearl her trainers are Lanvin (I believe). Hope you're well too! (Will write on yours as well - actually same with Alexandra ; ) x

Shopgirl said...

Love the idea of writing about your friends as style icons - I think you're right, more and more often, my friends and other bloggers influence my style more than celebrities. Natayla's style is so cute and definitely to be used as influence. Look forward to the next post! :) xx

Susan said...

I love this look :)