the wall: lewis

I can't believe Lewis Taylor isn't a model.

Like Ian Brown, who I met minutes earlier at the Jaeger press day on Wednesday, Lewis is a stylist, who works with a gorgeous magazine called 7th Man. I met him stepping into the glass cage elevator when I left the Jaeger press event. I was shooting the flowers on the reception table. I love the randomness of life: had I not stopped to shoot the flowers I wouldn't have met him, and, like Ian, he is a lovely guy.

It was really hard to choose which shots to post because each shot, each pose, is so good (I feel) that I hope you don't mind, I"m just showing them all. We're off to go swimming at my brother's hotel - my niece is in town and we're honourary Mermaid Sisters Forever (even tho she's just turned 9, she's still not too cool to play mermaids in the pool).

I was giving my brother a really hard time the other day because he was changing the plans of which night we'd see the show he was in at O2. I actually said to him 'I've got a life, you know' at one point and then, Thursday night, I realised why the plans kept changing: he wanted to surprise me because he knew that David Gilmour was going to play on one night but he didn't know WHICH night. At the amazing dinner after the show (Mr. Dot kept talking after about the oysters - I don't think I ate so much poached lobster in my life), I said to Jon (my brother) that of all times to give him a hard time, here he was doing a nice thing. It's like giving someone shit when they're arranging a surprise party.

You can read more about it here or here, but basically my brother is the keyboard player (and kind of producer) for both Roger and Dave, so it was lovely that they played together. Even tho for a lot of the show he was behind the wall, hearing my baby brother singing the solo intro to 'Hey You' always gets me a bit teary.

Without getting to mushy, the heart of my belief is that the secret to a happy life is forgiveness, so it's always a good thing to see two guys who played together so long ago reunite. Especially the magic that it was just for one night. I don't have time for people who are feudaholics and drama queens (or kings): life is short enough as it is.

Speaking of which: gotta go pack the goggles. It's funny, when he (Jon) said that they had this whole thing with 'the costumes' I assumed he was joking because after all, the whole concept is they're behind a wall. Turns out they do have a costume change, and it's a military theme, so in a roundabout way this does sort of tie in with Lewis's post.

Check out 7th Man - Lewis is such a cool guy - and have a lovely Saturday all! xoxo


styleeast said...

hubba hubba! Handsome man, all great shots.
Everyone's talking about Dave's appearance at the o2, I bet you're so glad now that you went with the flow and ended up there that night! x

Shopgirl said...

When I saw the news the next morning, I thought - you lucky girl, you!!! (And the boyf was more than a little green!! Haha!!)

Don't know why but my eyes immediately went to the guy's random socks - love that!


style odyssey said...

i like the tie-in, military theme.
i remember you told me about your brother jon's pink floyd connection....love it!
cute guy here, awesome band jacket.
forgiveness- yes, one of the keys to happiness. wise thoughts, J. xo

helen turnbull said...


Helen, X

Susan said...

he's hot ;)