orange you glad, dorothy

More from the Dorothy Perkins press day, in keeping with today's orange theme. Did you know that Dot Perkins is not an actual person, but rather, a rambler rose? According to wikipedia, Dorothy Perkins was founded in 1909 under the name H.P. Newman, and changed it to the rose in 1919. I really love the whole wikipedia story. I love that there is no actual Dorothy, or Dot.

So smitten was I from the rainbow look of the DP floor on press day, but not wanting to wait til next fall, I checked out the options online and really: it's extraordinary. Seriously. These two dresses are available now, for £26 and £28 pounds, and gosh darn if that purple lace number couldn't give Issa a run for its money.

I considered calling this post 'a rose by any other name' but after no one noticed my 'elle red' (get it? Well Read? See what I mean) I thought I should just give up.

Anyway, I'm in an orange kind of mood today. And I must say: I'm STILL not seeing colour blocking on the street, (apart from me, but I've always alternated solid neutrals with solid brights: I've been around the colour block, let's just say). If anyone is wearing bright colours please send me photos! I'll do a post. And Happy Friday.


style odyssey said...

well, you can imagine i'm not wearing bright colors...except on my fingers and toes. i broke down and bought a bottle of chanel "mimosa", that seemingly scary yellow (which isn't scary at all- just pretty)....AND i'm wearing it will all black, risking the bumblebee effect! so daring, aren't i. ;)

color-block clothing...i'm not much of a fan, to be honest. i do think the solid orange dress worn here with leopard sandals is the bee's knees (speaking of bumblebees).


Anonymous said...

I always think that colour blocking looks so bright and optimistic - and makes people appear as if they are exuding confidence. Rather tempted by both dresses - the pink and purple one reminds me of the Jonathan Saunders SS11 'Tennis' collection as I like to call it. Hmmm I have seen much colour blocking either - probably because our great British weather took a turn for the worse once we hit May and everyone brought out their Winter knits again!

The Foolish Aesthete said...

So in love with that first photo. It's funny because I'm currently in prison orange (why does the penitentiary get the cool colors?) with just a shock of fuschia :-)

liina said...

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