ian brown: stylish stylist

Met the stylist and style editor Ian Brown yesterday at the Jaeger press event (which was lovely, as always) and was really impressed not just with his style, but later, when I took a look, his work and just the whole look of his website: clean and stylish and cool, like him.

I mean, how intriguing is this bio: 'Born in Oman to a Scottish father and Ethiopian mother, Ian's glamorous and nomadic upbringing saw him schooled in Oman, Newcastle, Scotland and London.' He's Style and Grooming editor of GT, but really he could just as easily be in front of the camera as behind the scenes. He reminds me of a young Rupert Everett, actually: one of my favourite actors, who wrote one of the best autobiographies I've ever read.

The bags have nothing to do with Ian: I just happened to have shot them a minute before I met him and I like to do posts in threes. And I had only taken two quick shots. But I'd love to do a series on him: I'd love to see what he's wearing today, and tomorrow. I'm wondering if his cardigan with the holes in it are Ashish.


mtg said...

He has amazing, almost baby eyes. So handsome.

Jill, this is funny. I just came in from the back porch, where my kids are playing with cicadas they caught (it's 7:15 a.m.). Yes, it's a cicada season in TN. LOVE the bags. Are those cicadas or bees on them? I can't tell what the insects are (bees probably), but the bags are gorgeous.

i am not a celebrity said...

Oh, great photos and a book recommendation. Delish.

The Photodiarist said...

He's a cutie.

It's been a while since my last visit. How are you doing?

San said...

Hey Jill. Thanks for stopping by and the link to the Zeit.

When I read Ian Brown, I thought of the musician first.

Btw, highly entertaining (in the best possible way) interview in the mag, really interesting and unusual answers. Since you "asked". The piece as a whole is translated nicely, however the editing is a bit on the sloppy side (not something I would expect of Zeitmagazin). Missing words and links and using a wrong article. Oy, enough of that. The piece is interesting: period.

The weather, it's raining and there is thunder just as I write this sentence. :) To put it with Terry Pratchett, currently we have "psychotrop weather".

Besides that, I'm fine, prepping myself for starting my own company.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Fashion Limbo said...

He is very handsome, agree he should be a model, and I really have a crush on his cardie, looks amazing!

vio said...

ciao.. complimenti molto belli.. complimenti per il blog

The Foolish Aesthete said...

(I was commenting on this yesterday when Blogger went awry) He does look like Rupert Everett! And I just read your Zeit interview. So glad to see you love the Opera. My husband and I used to have season seats at the Met Opera (and a box for the American Ballet Theater). Really miss that about NYC.

Susan said...

he has such a beautiful face- lovely eyes! :)