Lately I've been drawn to the idea of the randomness of how my photos sometimes follow each other: the relationship of one unrelated shot to another. These are some from the other day - outside the Topshop press day - and a man on the street (unposed). The sequence is actually in reverse.

While I shot the woman carrying the miniature cupcakes and scones into the event, I actually had a little cupcake wrapped up, in my bag. Yum.


style odyssey said...

i like it, Jill! randomness/coincidence/seemingly unrelated elements juxtaposed in one post.
great, now i want a cupcake. for breakfast. ;)

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Wonderful sightings! I really like the man sitting on the red and white blocks.

styleeast said...

I love this top shot, it just makes you want to see more of his outfit and what he really looks like. Great collection of photos! x

jill said...

Thanks Jennifer, Aesthete, Stephanie. Alas I didn't stop to say hello, or shoot him posed. He was just sitting like that and I didn't want to disturb him. I wondered if he knew that he was making a good composition.