snippet #17: shirt as skirt

As previous post: (see #16 for full story) when I thought I was approaching two strange girls to street shoot and one of them was Lucy, of Snippets of Shiny Thoughts! There's this instant DIY trend going round: tie a shirt round your waist and hey, presto! Instant skirt. The appeal for me is I don't have to actually, you know, destroy an item of clothing in a permanent way. That's why I shy away from DIY (ooh, I'm a haiku poet and I know it!). The permanence of it all.

I love Lucy's style: she always, since I met her over a year ago, uses bright colour. She's not just following a trend: unexpected uses of colour are something she OWNS. Her style is like her personality: it seems on first glance, to me, whimsical, almost childish - very much an element of fun - but this is a very mature college aged woman. Besides being truly kind and compassionate and generous spirited, she has this gift of really being able to listen. Her style, like Lucy herself, is deceptively sophisticated. Okay, I'm going to say it: I absolutely love Lucy ; )

Check out her post on SMOKE, the perfume bottle and branding she created as part of her Uni project, for Richard Nicholl. And it's fitting that today's her last day of the school semester. Here's to a well deserved summer holiday.


fashion and frank said...

This is great such a clever idea and i love the print of the shirt - seen it done before but this one really works very very well.
If you have 5 would love your feedback on my blog
thanks! x

Lizzy said...

I showed up at my first blogging event not long ago, and this Lucy-shaped whirlwind of colour gave me a huge hug and made me feel right at home within about 5 minutes of arriving. Really lovely girl!

I like the shirt/skirt idea - it strikes me as a more individual way of doing the 'paper bag waist' trend that is so popular at the minute. Hmmm, the boyfriend may suddenly find that he is minus a few work shirts... :). x

Lucy said...

This was inspired by Shini! Loved the way she did it - so I was inspired to do it with a brighter version :) thanks Jill! xxx

adrielleroyale said...

I actually bought one of those summer dresses that are like scrunchy on top (sort of meant for wearing over a swimsuit mostly I think) specifically to wear as a nice long skirt. It works great! :)