nighty night, white white

What a delicious feeling.. we've re-painted the old floorboards white.. white and glossy (my brother said 'it looks like Cape Cod'. Cape Cod in South Kensington. Also doing a lot of spring cleaning: light and white. And we moved the bed around. That might not sounds like much but my friend Helen when she first saw our bedroom said 'oh no, that's bad feng shui: you can't block the window with your headboard.' It always bothered me that the bed was the wrong way. Now the room feels like twenty times the size. And so much more light. And white.

What does this have to do with fashion? Nothing, apart from the fact that - you might have noticed - I'm obsessed with white. Considering these are all from next autumn/winter's collections, really, I'm just drawn to palest shades, and white. When I'm not getting all bright bright bright, that is. Actually my favourite looks at the moment are things like my long white Gap shorts - just above the knee - with a hot pink/orange peace tee, neon green jumper, ankle socks and black loafers and a crisp black blazer. I saw a girl the other day wearing a black blazer over a soft white dress like my Vagabond Van one, with sandals, and altho I didn't have my camera at the time, I am so going to steal that look.

Top to bottom: Per Jensen skirt detail, tutu from the Triumph lingerie competition, more of the Per Jensen skirt, and dress at Topshop's press day. Off to sleep in, finally, the right direction. Pleasant dreams.


adrielleroyale said...

Love that top photo! Re-arranging furniture can be so fun! Sleep well! :)

Carrott said...

I love that first tulle skirt. I'm obsessed with tulle... xxx