get aboard the vagabond van, apollonia!

Once upon a time, many years ago - many, many years ago - I had this white dress.. I'm a bit obsessed with the dress, actually, as I know I'd never willingly part with it, and I'm so afraid it's in the storage unit somewhere North of England (they moved our unit & we didn't find out til years later), being eaten by moths.. and I've been on a kind of Sartorial Quest ever since. I tried last spring, with a Topshop version that was wrong, wrong, wrong (I'm still thinking of doing a give-away on it: someone else could really do wonders with it).

So when Lucie, from Vagabond Van, ('the unique boutique on wheels') got in touch in exactly the right way - respecting my time, with good manners and good humour - I took a look at the site and the blog, The Vagabond Adventures and thought, wow, I love this idea! (They travel round Africa, sourcing beautiful frocks and things, then travel back round the UK, selling them at festivals - and online). So I asked if she wanted to send me a dress and I'd do a post on it. To my surprise - this NEVER happens (usually the PR people say oh we have our own photographs, blah blah blah) she asked which one I'd like.

I chose APOLLONIA, a white dress that feels like mine, reincarnated. Two days later, it was here. And I LOVE it. 100% cotton.. I could happily wear this forever.

And in all this time, I've been trying to get my husband, Mr. Dot, to shoot me in it. Our photo shoots have disintegrated over the past two years that I've done this blog, into a fight fest ending in tears (mine). And this was no different. I can never seem to get him to get me head to toe in a shot (like this one, from Green Park, during the Royal Wedding after-party walkabout), and I don't feel these shots do the brand justice, but CHECK THEM OUT. I bet if you asked them nicely to do a post of your own, they'd say yes. They are so delightful: a really cool, attractive couple and a really charismatic dog, Bow Wow.

I am SO on board the Vagabond Van.

Last Bank Holiday Monday - we're off on another adventure - I could really get used to this. All shots either of me, by me, or both, spanning decades ago, thru yesterday.


Nina Piccini said...

That white dress looks ideal on, both a slightly cool and, an extremely hot day! I'm always afraid to wear WHITE - I am too often a disaster with food, bumping into things, etc.

Glad you found a semi-replacement to an old friend :)


style odyssey said...

why are you so damn cute?! ;)
seriously, Jill- these photos are witty, pretty, adorable.
the apollonia dress is YOU. i love how you personalized and "funned it up" (new phrase, just invented by moi) with platform sandals and sweet white socks. the look is perfectly imperfect.

adrielleroyale said...

Look at YOU, hot chica!!! Love the new dress and your shoes!! :))

Fashionstyle said...

So beautiful style !!!

kvinnor said...

Pretty cute dress! Very beautifully.