A comment, in passing, from Sabine (Psynopsis) about a recent purchase of a pair of yellow trousers, despite her admitted 'fear of yellow' - that, and all the big fuss everywhere I turn about Chanel's sold out limited edition nail varnish in Mimosa (100% pure, hardcore yellow) has got me thinking:

Am I, too, afraid of the colour yellow?

Well, Holly Fulton says, 'RELAX.' As shown my shots of her show from last September's S/S 2011 collection, there's really nothing to be afraid of. (Incidentally, there really is no such thing as Mimosaphobia - I just made that up, HOWEVER, there really is a medical, psychiatric term for the fear of yellow. It's called Xanthobia, but don't just take my word for it, Google it.).

In fact I've started to remember - as if freed from a suppressed, subconscious state - all the yellow items of clothing that I've loved over the years. A favourite Liza Bruce swimsuit that I purchased long ago, in either St. Barths or St Maartens in a little boutique with my future husband, the current Mr. Dot (I'll do a post on it next). Or a long floral maxi, very floaty, that I also got years ago.. and there's a really lurid, intense yellow pair of bell bottoms that my artist friend Pia Rigby made me buy (she bought a pair, too) from a street stall in Williamsburg Brooklyn, where she lived.

The whole problem for me, with yellow, is pairing it with black if it's bright yellow: that dreaded 'bumblebee effect' which really does frighten me. I feel that Holly is quite brave for doing this line not just with black, but also with Louboutin court heels in black: the addition of red for me is just so wrong and yet, these designs are so brilliant (in both senses of the word) that I like it, despite my fears.

But ultimately, the way I like yellow best is either solid, with nothing else but a tan, or in combination with bright colours like pale greens, turquoise, maybe even a little purple or hot pink. Or orange. If I can ever find those yellow trousers from Williamsburg, I'm going to do a style style shot with them. If I can summon the nerve.


Anonymous said...

Henry Holland did a collection for Debenhams which featured some amazingly bright creations including clashing prints of yellow, purple, pink and green which actually looked brilliant. I remember trying on a pair of patent purple and yellow block heels that I loved but they were impossible to walk in. Yellow is a tricky colour - especially when it isn't a dress on its own but a top/skirt/trousers and you don't know what to pair with it. I love yellow and purple together, but pale green is perhaps a less garish, more summery option.

Alexandra Thérèse xx


SabinePsynopsis said...

What a perfect round-up for yellow, Jill. Not only have I been scrambling through all nail varnish bottles to find yellow - no luck, but now I know which shade I need... mimosa! The other big question: what colour to wear it with? black - ouch. camel, pink, orange - yay! xoxo

adrielleroyale said...

You totally should! I think your tan would be lovely with yellow...plus you just rock at putting that stuff together anyway :) Personally I love the combo of the yellow, black and steel blue :)

style odyssey said...

"my" yellow is a lemony hue- a clear, cooler yellow that works well on pale skin. although i don't wear much color these days...

in the 80s, i made the mistake of getting into this mustard-gold yellow, worn near my face (yikes). it was not too scary with a tan and sun-kissed hair but...well, really it was borderline ghastly on me; i just know it was, even though no one said as much.

you can wear yellow! just a matter of finding the right one for you. i think a creamy bright hue would be like surrounding yourself in sunshine. :) which is sooo "Jill"!


slowdownapproaching30 said...

I think yellow is fantastic for the summer months! Clearly the Queen has the yellow thing going on too - she was really rocking it on Friday!

mtg said...

Funny, I have an all yellow swimsuit too.
I'm opposite of Stephanie: I like bright, saturated yellow. Love how clashing bright colors looks OK right now. Hope the trend continues.
My solution for the bumblebee effect is pairing yellow with gray instead of black.

jill said...

Oh these comments are so interesting.. what a treat to wake up to this conversation! Won't reply individually - will try to get to each of your blogs today - & Alexandra, I"ll check out Henry Holland, thank you.

Thank you all! xx