six bells

With my brother back on the road (or rather, mostly, on a private plane, in a hotel room, backstage, or on a sound check, and in between, performing), and my niece back home, and missing them both, I've had a moment to reflect on a very different kind of performance that the Dotman & I had the privilege of seeing and hearing, just days before he arrived in town.

It was my husband's school friend's band: his girlfriend, Emma Harwood, is the lead singer and songwriter. I'd only met her once before (this isn't her here) and instantly we just became such good friends. She is just so wonderful: has such a generous heart, and the most beautiful voice. And they were playing at a 'beer festival' at the Six Bells, somewhere in the Kent countryside. She has been writing her own songs, but the ones she chose to cover were exactly my taste. We were saying last night that her rendition of Jolene still gives us the chills. She's the real deal.

Thinking a lot about this because of it's Bob Dylan's birthday coming up, and we saw part one of Scorcese's great documentary last night: No Direction Home. He's the real deal, too.

Okay, Mr. D is getting antsy: we're off to Surrey, to swim. Outdoors. In the heated pool. Which has got me in the mood for turquoise, and festival hippie chic, once again. I don't have a clue who this girl was: I shot her while they were playing, and we were all so blissed out it seemed silly to ask. Besides, she didn't seem to mind.

Speaking of something charming: the lovely Lucie, of Vagabond Van, just sent me an email that 'We've just started taking advance orders for the most darling handmade charm necklaces. I began noticing them nestled in bronzed collar bones around Cape Town about a month ago and have coveted them ever since. I've tracked down the designer and am making an order this week.

We're taking advance orders now with only a limited number available. You can see them here:

What I love is that each necklace is available - handmade - in silver or gold, with a choice of eight colours for the silk 'chain' - I'd love silver with turquoise, for the wishbone or heart - and they're only £16.99! Aren't they charming.

Better run. What are you up to today? This weekend? How it's gorgeous, whatever you're doing.


daisychain said...

I really need a wishbone necklace. I sense a treat for myself coming right up!

Anon said...

I'm a longtime reader of your blog and I just wanted to thank you for all the beautiful pictures you post!

Also I love these necklaces. The wishbone in particular is great.

adrielleroyale said...

That girl has amazing hair and what a gorgeous picture(s) of her! If I were her, I would totally want them framed..or at least for my Face Book profile pic :)