model behaviour (when your own initials are enough)

It was a quiet rainy Tuesday and I was taking a self portrait in the Bottega Veneta window on Old Bond Street when I saw through the lens a silhouette that looked stunning. I turned & ran after Hannah Horn, who, as it happens, is a young model starting out. She was so kind to pose, and I said I'd track her down, but I haven't. So Hannah, if you see this, please do get in touch & I'll send you the shots. 'd love to know where you got that great bubble dress. I like the simple touches like the bow and white collar. It's sophisticated schoolgirl chic, especially with the high heeled brogues. It's weird, I've been running into models everywhere lately.


Anonymous said...

What a great look. I like her hair colour.
Jen xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi jill, its hannah (the model) the picture is really cute :) the dress is from new look...

my email is hhannahh_01@hotmail.co.uk if u want to get in touch

have a lovely week,

hannah xx