fashion forward

Got my London Fashion Week registration sorted while in Miami, and now I'm musing: what will the big trends be?

Looking back while looking forward.. I just can't imagine that anything could live up to my first Fashion Week last September. For starts, it was so hot & sunny, and fashionistas were melting in their furs & boots, so we had to get creative & mix little frocks and bear legs with great shoes (not me: I was running around in ballet flats: it's the only way I can shoot). I had such a fabulous time. I just hope the weather is good, as I'm shooting people in the outdoor courtyard. Fingers crossed.

I wonder if we'll see much of the underwear as outerwear trend off the catwalk.

Speaking of.. it's funny, I'm still finding that phrase everywhere in the UK. Magazines, newspapers.. I know I said it before and someone chastised me that I couldn't have possibly invented the trend - which I SO did not - but I'm pretty sure I coined the phrase. @ least, I thought I did! I might have subconsciously picked it up, but I can't find any evidence of the phrase before I posted it last spring. Alas, if only one received royalties for phrases.

After flying in from Miami, I was hanging out @ home in my new purchase: cream coloured men's thermal underwear (top & bottom) from Target. I was going to go out in it - accessorising with boots & bracelets, of course - when my husband, Mr. Dot, said I can't because I'd get 'arrested'. Apparently they're arresting women for wearing pyjamas to Tesco. What next? Will they start incarcerating girls sporting satin bustiers at PR events? Or silky slips @ art launches?

What do you think will be big this spring? Do you think the peep toe bootie/big wedge silhouette will still reign supreme?

Shown here from top to bottom: KTZ catwalk, All Saints window in Spitalfields, boots @ Somerset House, September.


the style crusader said...

i thought kitten heels were meant to be making a comeback... the 'return of the sensible heel' or something. frankly, i hope that isn't true because that just sounds way too boring and not nearly as cool as those wedges pictured above.

i'm thinking a big contrast between hard and soft, ultra feminine mixed with masculine, and lots of florals/leather and obviously fur for a while still to come. nude, metallics, feathers, stripes, rolled shorts... it all sounds good to me.

that is so cool about fashion week! that's amazing that you are getting to shoot at it. totally jealous, and already looking forward to seeing the photos. xx

Vanilla said...

I hope the big wedge stays in, so ankle slimming :)I love the boots in the picture above and the candy stripe dress. I think lace will still be big but maybe in pastel and nude shades, or at least that's what I'm hoping for :)

Love your blog.

Love vanilla


Anonymous said...

I heard the news about arresting people in pyjamas. What a ridiculous thing! How embarrassing would it be if they tried to arrest someone only for them to reply 'uhhh...these are my normal clothes.'


Pearl Westwood said...

What is the world coming to when you can't go to Tesco in your PJ's, obviously these people have never experienced the need for a can of coke when extreamly hung over!

Rosalind said...

I so wish that I was going to London fashion week! I watch the news flooding on from fashion bloggers who gowith increasing envy...
I really like the whole underwear as outerwear theme at the moment. I am actually wearing a vintage thermal vest of a Jaeger grey jumper as I write this! I have a newfound love for silk camisoles and slips, especially in dusky pink- this is one trend I am following to some extent!
Glad you enjoyed your time away, sound slike it was a great trip.

Oh, and I really like the bodice part of the outfit in the first image. Blue and white stripes give off a faintly retro/ nautical feeling.


jill said...

Ha! What is the world coming to, indeed.

Everything you're each saying, that's what I'm getting all excited about, too. Pale pale pastel stuff, and shorts.. there's something that I've worn for YEARS, in spring/summer, that I'm now seeing on the runway - but not yet on the street here (obviously): bare legs with ankle socks & heels. With skirts. It's funny but all the elements I've always loved - they're finally becoming real. I'm really excited for spring.

And I'd love to finally get some wacky big wedge booties in black suede, and wear with simple dresses & bare legs, or soft rolled up shorts.. all in pastel colours.

I just want it to be warm enough here to wear bare legs!!

StyleSpy said...

Listen, I regularly see people in the grocery store who I want to arrest for crimes of fashion. It's all well and god to be comfy, but pajamas should stay in your home. Period. Sweatpants are bad enough...

Susan said...

good for you- I wish I could go to fashion week shows! :)
have a sweet day, xoxo