it's good to talk

Even if you don't have tickets to the catwalk, if you're in the nation's capital this weekend, Topshop is holding events in the lower ground floor thru Tuesday night. Which I found out thru another bizarre coincidence: my husband, Mr. Dot, has a friend named Angus, who has a friend named Clare, who (or so Mr. Dot told me) has an 'online vintage shop'. Who doesn't, said I.

But when I went to look at Vintage Academie, I was instantly on board. And then when it turns out she's been working with Denise, from Topshop (who is delightful) - and the whole gang I met for the Dress Me Up thing - well, it was worth battling rush hour traffic on Day One of London Fashion Week tonight, to get over there to see her colleague and curator, Judith Watt, do a talk on some of their unbelievable vintage collection. And Clare & I hit it off like.. like old BFFs.

I love Judith's teaching style: it's very hands on. Everything was 'you've got to feel this'. Literally. She kept having people come up and feel things. And this dress by Paco Rabonne is made of those little metal washers. It's from the 30s and was made for a singer: it's like heavier than a knight's chain mall! And gorgeous.

How often do you see gowns made out of plumbing? Judith asked.


Fascinating talk: 20th century fashion explained in an hour, with the key pieces of history right there. Judith (who also teaches @ St. Martin's - a lot of her students were there*) will be doing the talk again tomorrow afternoon, from 3-4. Not to mention, icing decoration by Ella's bake house, Cupcakes! Daily @ 3. Go here for details on all the events.

*Future British Designers: some of the St. Martin's gang.


StyleSpy said...

Sometimes I really, really, reeeeeeeeally hate living out here in the hinterlands.

jill said...

Oh, Amy, you'd have loved this talk. Can't wait to show you around town! x

Style Odyssey said...

I'm with Style Spy...stuck in the outer regions here. Thanks for bring us the behind the scenes of FW...or rather, in front of the scenes, more accurately (referring to your pics outside in the streets).

The blog-waves get overloaded w/ pics from the catwalk, after parties, and famous faces at the shows. But you, my friend, are giving us a refreshing look, something more personal, more real: FW from the streets (the "front"), not just inside and behind scenes. I LOVE that. :)

jill said...

Okay, this is too spooky: I just left you a long comment on your art blog on what you were writing about: it's an overlapping concept, but it comes down to the same thing: where does one draw one's inspiration: from other like minded people? Or from being alone, quietly, in nature or in some other kind of cultural 'vacuum'? ; )

Thank you, Stephanie: I really value your opinion, and I cherish what you wrote here.

ULY&CASE said...

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