LFW Day One: nudes, nudes, nudes!

It's after midnight, Mr. Dot is asleep, I'm going thru a few hundred photos, have seen three catwalk shows, gave away my ticket to a fourth, and saw a great talk @ Topshop. So I'm going to just post a few shots (these are models from one of the first shows) and tomorrow, I'll show you stuff from the shows, which were just unbelievably gorgeous.

In general, my feeling was there were two (no, three) ways to go: go for attention, have fun with patterns & kooky, unexpected fun stuff (lots o'patterned, flowery tights - it's COLD here, and we all know we'd rather go bare legged, but if we did, we wouldn't live to see Day Two).

Second choice: NUDE (or, as we used to call the colour, beige). Neutral. With black. With pale rose. With grey. But definitely, beige & black.

The third choice: neither of the first two. In other words: honestly, mon petit choufluers: anything goes. But for the first post, I"m going with the neutral theme, and let the wacky stuff wait.

As we expected, fur, fuzzy and faux, was everywhere. Gilets or jacks, layered with black leather, layered with unexpected things. As Garance has already noted in NY, and as we've seen on the street all winter: the key to layering is, make sure the top thing is shorter than the thing under it.

A look I have been perfecting all my life, just not necessarily on purpose.

I don't have a self portrait for my Day One outfit, but I wore: chocolate brown fur jacket over pale pink Gap cardigan, pearls & Laura's lovely 'drink me' necklace, tan - I mean, nude- half slip that I've been wearing for over a year, over my American Apparel grey mini sweater dress, for warmth. Over black opaque tights & black Oxfords (sorry, brogues), for speed. I can't do crazy heels & get these photos snapped, alas. And the beauty of being an old married lady is, I go right under the photo radar. I am invisible. I am just an Eye. Altho: someone did actually ask me to pose. Actually, come to think of it, so did someone else. Okay, maybe not totally transparent: more like translucent. But still: I'm here to see more than be seen.

Surprisingly, leopard spots were still seen: but less so. I love Venka's look, and she's just such a charming, delightful girl. These shoes are by Ashish, for Topshop. I don't think she set out to match her shoes to her bag, I get the feeling this one, by Mulberry, was a freebie, just judging by how I've seen it around. (Turns out, it's the bag they give when we get our badges: hopefully they'll still have one left tomorrow ; )

The other thing, which is part of the whole underwear-as-outerwear thing, is floaty, gauzy, light sheer fabrics (or lace), paired in interesting ways, because of the weather factor. Shin's shoes are from Office, tights from Wolford.

Isn't she fabulous? We met early in the day: she's a fellow blogger, and I hope to see her again.* Her necklace is from H&M. So far, nothing I've seen, and loved, (apart from one the catwalk, of course) has been remotely expensive.

*(and I've just discovered: her blog, Park & Cube, is excellent. In every way. Beautiful. clever, AND funny. I'm a total fan).

So much more to show you. Pink, for example. Pale rose, or hot fuchsia.

But first, while the strange larks sing outside (they start at midnight, and have the loveliest sound), this is Polka Dot, signing off. Because, as Scarlett O'Hara would say, tomorrow is, after all, another day.


Monika Poppy said...

the last girls shoes are from office, my friend got the same but somehow i jsut dont like them



The Photodiarist said...

Love it. Cannot wait for more news and photos!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see how everyone dresses up! Can't wait for more of your LFW posts!


the style crusader said...

love this post and seriously can not even wait to until tuesday. i have stories to tell you... and, i have a fabulous photo of your day 1 outfit!! am going to upload it soon. xx

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I could go on and on: LOVE THIS BLOG! you take amazing photos of wonderful real style, and your voice really connects me when you write. This post is no exception: lots of great pics, so many of them I wish was in a book so I could look at on a whim. And the last woman: a true beaute. LOVE those gauzey things on her legs, love her style. Please tell me what blog she writes, I'd love to see it!
-Bella Q

StyleSpy said...

GAH! I am completely in love with the sheer leggings over the tights!!! I LOVE that look!!!

whatverowears said...

hi there, it was actually a freebie, and didnt even check the print on it... I love your pictures, so I will be following your adventures around the city!!! I also have a picture of you but it is a bit blurry, it is from the Aminaka Wilmont show, I was actually taking pictures of the clothes and models and you are just in the middle of one of my photos:)

jill said...

Venka! Glad you found the blog. I'd love to see the shot from Aminaka: blurry is good, blurry is probably better ; ) That's funny that I got into your shot - hope I didn't ruin it for you.

I just realised I didn't get to shoot you in that great white trench today. Are you going tomorrow or another day this week?

fiifiiiiiiiiiiii said...

OMG that girks fur leg warmers are AMAZING! I want some anyone seen any like this anywhere?