life in the circus: nicola roberts @ topshop unique

After the Unique show: I thought this redhead looked familiar.. correct me if I'm wrong, but this is Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud, is that right?

I love the electric blue of that stoic guy's tie. He's not there for the fashion, I'm guessing. I think it's Kevin Costner in the Bodyguard.

In the background, poor Olivia doing another interview, and that teeny tiny grey head at the top is Pixie, who was unwittingly blocking my view of the show. Bless her cotton socks.


Sarah said...

Yess it's Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud!
I'm extremely jealous that you met Olivia and also got to attend LFW in general!


Pamela said...

yes it is, and the girl behind he rwith the Bun in her hair, I hink is from The City TV show.

Anonymous said...

That looks like the show to be at! I love Nicola Roberts' style, she's really come into her own. And her hair is amazing!


the style crusader said...

oh such great photos! nicola looks stunning - am so glad she has stopped trying to look like all the other girls from the band - she looks beautiful and unique, with her own sense of style. xx

The Fashion Cloud said...

Your pictures are stunning!! real talent
Yeahh for red heads!! love the show too


Susan said...

love her hair!