lime green

Also after Kane.

When it rains on Kane, there really are two ways to go: dress for the weather (black, muted tones & shades of grey) or be bold, and bright.

Sometimes the brightness is all in your head. There was a lot of red (for hair) - a whole range, from flaming orange to magenta - last season, and not only hasn't that trend cooled off, it's now widened its range to shades of pink & even peach.

Speaking of Peaches, lots o' girls are following her lead, and going grey (or white, as they call it). Actually, I guess it's really Kate Lamphor who started that one. Anabelle, shown here, accents her white with lavender highlights, which sparkle in the right light.

As for me, I try to let a smile be my umbrella.


Cecylia said...

Wow!! These tights are amazing!

Susan said...

I love that pop of color! fabulous.

Laura. said...

I love my red hair! Although I always want it to be brighter!

Who is the lovely lady here with red hair?


jill said...

I don't remember! Sorry, Laura: it's such a blur now... I asked most people their name & tried to write them down but it was all going so fast. The best system I find is people get in touch with me, so if I hear from her I'll post her name. I might have even got Annabel's name wrong, that's just what I recall but I'll have to check my notes ; )


I snapped that gorgeous redhead too.

jill said...

You did? Any idea of her name? Does she have a blog/link?

Any time anyone recognises anyone.. or themselves.. please do let me know. It just all happens so fast, and we throw cards @ each other & everyone means well, but no one can keep track of everyone in their head. It's all so good natured tho!

the style crusader said...

oh i love the girl on the lefts hair and makeup! gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

The girl with red hair is called Pandora Lennard. She is Assistant Fashion Editor at Tank