Met Mauricio near our home. He's from Buenos Aires, originally from Germany. He was dressed so casually (lately all I want to wear is soft knitted, hooded, cosy stuff), yet has such easy, natural style.

When I asked to shoot him for my blog, I hesitated cause he might be a model and have to clear it with his agency. When I asked if he was, he just seemed amused. I guess that's a no, then.

Charming, polite, absolutely lovely guy. There's something about gentleness in a tall man that is so attractive. So.. Ashton Kutchner. But Ashton is taken, and perhaps Mauricio isn't. Yet. So there's still hope, girls!

I was just looking at a cute interview with Ashton on MTV, about Valentine's Day. I turned to Mr. Dot and said 'Ashton Kutchner said the only way to celebrate Valentine's Day is to surprise them.' He looked up from his book with dead eyes. 'Sunday is Valentine's Day', I added.

A pause, and he asked: 'Why don't you surprise ME, then?' he asked. 'Who said it has to be the guy?'

Maybe he's right. Any suggestions how to surprise Mr. Dot on Valentine's Day? My only challenge is, he wakes every morning at 6:00 a.m. sharp (including Sundays), then wakes me with tea and a kiss around 8. You have to get up rather early to surprise Mr. Dot.


the style crusader said...

haha, that's incredible. i am loving all these recent posts you are doing!! bring them on! fred says the same thing... he is like, 'why does the guy always have to do something special for the girl? why can't it be the other way around?' oh geeeze. because US girls like it that way, that's why. (obviously). maybe you could do something at midnight? he goes to sleep quite early doesn't he? is there anything he likes that you guys don't have very often?

by the way... this guy is adorable. xx

Anonymous said...

He is cute! I really like cable knit, and he works sweats quite well!

I'm so bad at planning surprises! I was going to make my boyfriend heart-shaped biscuits...until he told me he never liked biscuits. Oops. :S


Editor said...

I'm in the same boat as you over Valentine's day, SIster, so I am unable to give you any ideas. I have no clue either!

Nice neighborhood there ;)

Stephanie said...

Argentines are really all this sexy. BsAs is the best city for the ladies, no joke! He reminds me of the time I spend down there.

ADJ said...

he's adorable. he has mastered the pulled together comfy look, that is for sure. lovely.


MissT said...

He is cute...but needs a change of pants!! lol outside in trackys??? a lil too comfy for my liking

Cecilia Villamil said...

he really looks like somebody from here!!! most guys are like he.

Anonymous said...

Heyyyyyyyy, he is great! Gorgeous guy! I hope you gonna do something with him girl! Life is so short, and if you fancy him, just move your ass! lol! I like his style, just cosy and cool. My boyfriend has this kind of style too. He wears U-NI-TY, Paul Smith, Y3 with some Addidas and Nike pieces of clothing...a good mix!


J. said...

This guy is adorable...yummy!

Anyway, I'm going to a basketball game with my manfriend. Romantic, I know. (Sarcasm.) There will be no surprises on my part.

The Law Office of Levinson Axelrod said...

I love it when guys wear cable knit sweaters. It's adorable.

we could grow up 2gether said...

awwwwwww, im in love, lurve!

Anonymous said...

oh my word, he is soo beautiful! and he wasnt even shy to pose?? cool dude. *blushing* ;)

not so sure about the pants and shoes though but he works it.

Anonymous said...

Heeey, i´m from Buenos Aires and i have to say that this boy is really cute, a great representation for our country!!
I´m going to visit my brother that lives in London the next week and i´m looking forward to see london´s street style at live.. xoxo!


ATW said...



Project Curve said...

he is so cute!!