Altho I'm not yet seeing it that much on the street, I am so ready to wear nudes (the whole range, from ballet pink thru to beige). I was wearing it in Miami, of course, and I'm wearing it here, too: just not seeing it that much, apart from popping out like the first snowdrops in early spring, in the form of wisps of skirts peeking out under coats. It's still too dark & cold to do the bare legs, but we can get an edge with leggings & tights.

This is one of the rare shots on my blog not by me: I got it from Topshop's look book. I don't work for Topshop, btw: I don't work for anyone. I 'promote' - i.e., gush about - whatever I feel like at any given time. Just read an interesting, thought provoking piece (& comments) on the Business of Fashion, re: the whole Tavi thing (or Bowgate, or even Babygate, as I've heard it called). *

For example: I've just seen an inside scoop on Richard Nicholl's S/S 2010 eight piece collection - his 5th collaboration with Topshop. Now what am I to do: I happen to love everything, because it's all in shades of nude/pink with a lot of underwear-as-outerwear themes at play. At 65 quid, I'd snap this denim stripe two piece zip 'dress' (bustier, aka bandeau, & skirt), in a heartbeat.

No one is offering me a sample, or even a discount. And yet, I can't help but spread the word, because I love it. To me, the whole point of having little bosoms is that I can get away with stuff like this.

*(Just discovered, TAVI HERSELF has just done a brilliant post on the subject, addressing the BoF article/post.

I'm curious: what do you think: can you be bought? And if so, at what price?


the style crusader said...

haha, i love this. i also read a thing on tavi... i guess her large bow head piece blocked the fashion editor at grazia's view of the runway and there was a big outrage (or something like that). also this whole bonanza about her selling out and not being able to be 'objective' about the fashion industry anymore... so two things about that:

1. i can't imagine anyone that would turn down front row tickets to fashion week if they were handed them?

2. how objective are any of us in the first place? and, if it became blatantly obvious that she was just supporting brands that gave her stuff people would notice pretty quick. rumi over at fashiontoast promotes brands all the time that give her free stuff... but that also works to her readers benefit (she gave away an alexander wang bag last week for example... how many other bloggers can pull that off?).

could i be bought? well.... if chanel asked me to come sit in their front row i certainly wouldn't say no. if they said they would pay me 50grand a year to promote them via my measly little blog i would say yes (let's keep dreaming here right?) but i don't think that is selling out.

as long as you are honest about what you are doing and not manipulating your readers i don't think its selling out or being bought. xx

Iris / London Fashion Diary said...

I can sooo be bought, by Topshop for example! Even though, technically, I'm the one who buys ^^
I love this nude trend, I got a lovely nude top from New Look the other day, and can't wait for the weather to be warmer so that I can get to wear it :)

jill said...

Ha, Iris, so true: technically, I'm the one who buys, too. Madame Crusader; that is all so true: it's all about honesty. I feel that applies to life: it's so much easier to keep track of the true than lies, for example (hence the web weaving theory).

If I'm being totally honest, I'd promote Chanel even if they put me in the 2nd row. Behind Tavi, and her Big Bow. It's no skin off my nose: I already kinda like the brand anyway.

daniela kate morosini said...

i really like that dress! part of me really wants to wear it with last years Chloe scalloped edge blazers...no?

jill said...

Oh, I could see that (danniekate)... with these Brian Atwood shoes:

or these Miu Miu platform cutout sandals:

Pamela said...

i just cant pull off these shades.. make me look a bit ill or like a marshmallow :(

Rosalind said...

I love this shade at the moment too.. preferably in the form of silk please! I have this one little very light dusky pink camisole that I am wearing all the time. And nude is such a vintage colour- it just conjures up pictures of fifties film stars to me.
I promptly read your comment on my blog, looked at the article, looked at Tavi's response and was very impressed. I actually sent her an email detailing my thoughts on this issue, but it basically boils down to this- there is no way I would say no to free tickets to couture shows/free clothes etc.. And whats the difference between her and the actress who borrows a dress to wear on the red carpet? Both parties gain something. But people just like to criticise!
Thanks for the lovely comment about my outfits, and I'm very happy for you to use the images- thanks for asking! And I agree, the only way to get through spring is with floral skirts and wool jumpers a la Edge of Love.
Great post!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Nude tones and blush hues are two of my favorite things right now - I can't get enough of those shades. They are universally flattering; and so feminine.

I think that everything - and everyone - has a price. It is easy to be bought; the question is...how much are you, and your opinions, truly worth? :)

Poppy said...

My wardrobe is 50% vintage finds, 40% TopShop. TopShop pretty much owns part of my soul the minute they started producing nudes. As a long time wearer of the nude pallet, I'd happily spend £65 (- with my 10% student discount of course) on something in there if I loved it enough.

the style crusader said...

haha, just read the post by tavi. i love her last line about if you happen to be sitting behind her at fashion week and want her to take off her hat JUST ASK. such a simple solution. haha.

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

hmmm my first comment didn't show up, due to internet malufunctions, so i apologize if this posted twice. i really like that dress a lot! it seems the perfect spring staple, and would really offset some slightly darker pink and white accessories for a multi-textural monochromatic look


daisychain said...

I've already starting bringing nudes in to my wardrobe, so in love with them.

Anonymous said...

If it's a brand I love, then yes I can be bought! But just because I'd probably be talking about them, so might as well got a bit of money for it anyway!

By the way, lusting after that dress!


jill said...

This is fascinating (well to me @ least!) - I so agree with all your responses. It's all about honesty, and in just this less than a year of blogging, I'm so blown away by 'you' all: the bloggers, the people who read & support & comment on blogs.. if only everyone was as smart, ethical, with such great sense of humour.

Yes, style crusader, I esp. loved Tavi's last line about 'just ask'. It really is that simple!

naveen said...

beautiful outfits looks great

Orlando personal injury lawyer said...

The strapless top/skirt dress is such a fantastic idea!

Susan said...

oh I can't get enough of nudes!
have a lovely week, xoxo

Natasha said...

I wouldn't be bought, but if a designer wanted to give me something that I loved, I sure as shit would take it! Haha. I don't think that anyone can be bought with something they don't like. So this whole "only giving good reviews because they get stuff" thing is dumb, and makes no sense.


Meg said...

when when when can i get this dress? Its amazing

jill said...

I know, isn't it? Just three more days to go, Meg. Saturday the 13th. Just in time for Valentine's Day! In fact, why not, I'm gonna post another from the collection ; )

Meg said...

Thank you so much polka dot (sorry, i don't know your real name...)
I'm going to London on the last weekend of this month, you don't think it will be sold out then do you?
i'm not in tune with how fast things sell out in london
p.s. that new post is fanstastic

jill said...

Thanks, Meg! ; ) (since I didn't see a blog link I'm just replying on my own post).

I honestly don't know (if it will sell out) but the great thing about Topshop in London is, they've got so many branches, and the sales staff are sooo nice, so if they're sold out in your size in one branch I'm sure they can get on the blower & find you one in another shop.

If you get it, can you get a shot of you in it? We can post it!! Good luck xox

Meg said...

Yeah, i don't have a blog, maybe i should start one? hmmm
That's brilliant, i'll go see what happens when i get down there!
I'll definitely send you a picture if i manage to get the dress
Thanks again x