all stars

Last Friday, Shini and I met at the V&A (and yes, for those of you who have asked if I live there: I do. I've got a small room on the third floor with a hot plate and a cot), and Jen, the Style Crusader, bounded in from a grueling exam, all colt like with bare legs, floral dress (from.. H&M? I must ask!) and the same navy Keds Converse All Stars I've got. Mine were vintage when I bought them, and that was ages ago, in NY.

It's such a simple, quintessential summer look. (Her bag btw is her gorgeous genuine Alexander McQueen). Oh and she's wearing my Ray Bans - also vintage, as in, I've had them forever. I've just sent her a bunch of shots and we're going to do an experiment and not tell each other which we're choosing, or what we're posting about. Just a little blog-game. I'm not even sure I've chosen her best shots here: just randomly picked two that I liked. She's oh so photogenic, our Jenny Jen!

Betsan, who you might have seen in a previous post ('lit chic') @ the Hay Festival, also wore her Keds with bare legs and flowered skirt: hers from Topshop. My other pair are a few years old, from Office, and also in cream. Sorry, nude! ALSO, come to think of it, her sunglasses are Ray Bans. Such American classics.

More about Betsan later, and her fabulous boyfriend Tom. They've got such great style.


Platform P said...

I <3 Jen.

This look is perfect.


Good Girls Studio said...

soo cute! Love the sunglasses too!

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

hehe, i think i also live there too. i'm in the cot next to yours, right? :) my family and friends think i'm rather weird for going there so much, but it is just such a wonderful place! i'm actually going on friday and saturday for a two day quilts conference, then i shall be popping by again next wednesday to attend a lunchtime talk :)

jen looks beautiful as always. plus i just love your reflection!

love, jazzabelle. xxx

Fayoona said...

i have developed a mega crush on jen. she is just amazingly cool.
i also have a mega crush on you polkadot. i love your way of writing and telling stories with pictures and words.
xx fi

mary louise said...

converse are my love!
and the sunglasses in the last picture? I WANT THEM :)


charles said...

First picture: reflection = bright orange sandals? love them. summery and eye popping. works so well with the khaki and white combo.


(love of my life and soon to be wife's clothing line)

Love Food said...

Fantastic photos, as usual!
Jen's dress is so pretty and love how she as dressed it down with the converse. Very jealous of that McQueen bag!
I also love the print of the girl's skirt.

Lydia xxx

daniela kate morosini said...

those sunglasses are so cool! like very lady gaga. typical jen, rolling out of an exam looking so stylish..hope you're well :)

Susan said...

love the florals :)

StyleSpy said...

I've been considering a pair of All-Stars for summer. I'm considering them even harder now.

Vanessa said...

the sunglasses are amazing...luv them...